2021 Winners: Mini-McKenney & Ace of Clubs

Saturday, 23 April 2022 by Lynn Bartz

The Unit’s leading point earners for 2021 have been announced! 

The Ace of Clubs (“AC”) is for points earned in club games, while the mini-McKenney (“MM”) is for points earned in tournaments as well.  The following individuals led in both competitions at the listed masterpoint ranges:

Fadi Maamari (0-5); Joan Albers (5-20); Kathy Vita (20-50); Archana Rathnakar (50-100); Betsy Wagner (100-200); Linda Kenigsberg (200-300); John Stremel (500-1,000); Ken Imboden (1,500-2,000); Bud Biswas (5,000-7,500); and Bill Langlois (7,500-10,000). 

The leaders differed in five masterpoint ranges:  Gerald Hewitt (MM), Joanne Cornbleet (AC) (300-500); Vilas Namjoshi (MM), Preston Kauk (AC) (1,000-1,500); Kevin Rosenberg (MM), Paul Nelson (AC) (2,500-3,500); Lynn Shannon (MM), Stu Goodgold (AC) (3,500-5,000); and Michael Rosenberg (MM), Diane Shannon (AC) (over 10,000). 

Well done all!