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San Jose Online Bridge Information Updated April 20, 2021

Questions? Contact Lynn Yokel, lynnyokel@gmail.com

During the Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place period, the San Jose Bridge Club is running many online games on the BBO website. Signup is free.


            BBO Website:              https://www.bridgebase.com/

            If you need help:         https://www.acbl.org/bbotutorials/#players 


There are two types of games:

·         Master point (MP) games include open and limited (499er). The charge for most games is $6. 499er games are $5. You need to deposit money to your BBO account before joining one of these games. To do so, select the BB$ target near the top of the screen. 80% of each entry fee goes to the San Jose club and its wonderful directors

·         Non-master point games are free and are currently being offered as a way for new players to get used to the BBO website.


To find our games:

·         Log on to bridgebase.com

o   For Master Point Games, select “Competitive” and then “ACBL Virtual Clubs”

(or select “Virtual Clubs” in the Featured Areas section and then “ACBL North America”)

o   For Non-Master Point Games, select “Competitive” and then select “Free Tournaments”

·         Our games are identified as San Jose. To find a game

o   Scroll through the list, organized in time order by minutes until start, or

o   Enter San Jose in the search bar on the right side near the top

·         Select the game, enter your partner’s BBO name, and select Invite. Your partner must be logged onto BBO when the invitation is issued


Partners: If you need a partner, there is a target called Partnership Desk at the top of the page after you select the appropriate tournament. It shows a list of people wanting a partner for this game. Play with someone who is waiting or enter your own name.

Little Known Fact: ACBL point awards are 150% of normal



Time (Pacific)


Hosted By



11:25 AM


499 ($5)

Lynn Yokel



Mini-lesson immediately following game via Zoom.


7:00 PM



Lynn Yokel



Zoom meeting immediately following game. BYO.

See many people you used to see at the club. Verify they are still alive. Link provided during game. This has been going on for a few weeks and it is fun. Give it a try! Also, if you don’t show up, you could be the subject of our conversation.


11:25 AM


499 ($5)

Lynn Yokel




Click here at your own risk (It’s OK, really. You may be pleasantly surprised if you do.)



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