Short ♣ News

Unit Membership Dinner and Game Sun 7/10

Dinner: Sonoma Chicken Coop Seated at 5:00 PM

Game: CCC Big Room approximately 6:30 PM

Unit Board Elections: Completed (see Prez for results)

Sunday Evening Pot Luck 6/26 4:30 PM

      Team Game 7/17 5:00 Special time!

Tuesday Morning Monthly Team Game 6/28 10:30 AM

Tuesday Evening NAP Qualifier 6/21 7:30 PM

Wednesday Evening Club Championship 6/22
      NAP Qualifier 6/29
7:00 PM
Friday Evening Monthly Team Game 6/24
7:00 PM

Saturday Evening Every Saturday 7:00 PM




Short ♣ News. 1


Prez Sez    by Dan Turkus. 1

Membership Game to be Held 7/10. 1

Big ♣ News. 2

Tuesday Afternoons at the Club. 2

Lynn Yokel Intermediate Lessons. 2

North American Pairs by Lynn Yokel 2

Late May – Early June Winners. 2

Top Ten Games May 11-June 10. 4

499er Happenings. 4

The Di-Rek’Tor 5

Unit 507 Board Officers. 5

Promotions and Titles. 5

       Idioter’s Corner 5

Unit 507 Club Games. 6

Prez Sez         by Dan Turkus

What an election! We had 111 ballots filled out with over 600 votes to tabulate, so we counted and counted again, and first I want to say thank you to all of you that agreed to run. All the running incumbents were reelected including Ray Yuenger, Will Watson, Tania Moalem, and Mich Ravera, and new to the Board will be Erin Gove and John Prior. Thanks to Marshall Yancey who served 10 years on the Board and Neil Webb, who spent 6 or 8 years on the Board. Great job guys, it was truly a pleasure serving with you two, and you both did such good work! It is my understanding that one of our existing Board member will be moving out of our Unit, so I will be appointing someone to fill that position when I get an official resignation. Our next Board meeting will be Wednesday July 6th at 5:30 PM.

Are you interested in helping out at the Nationals in San Francisco? If so email

Our next event will be our annual Membership Appreciation Game, set for July 10th. Dinner will be served promptly at 5:00 PM. The new venue is the Sonoma Chicken Coop at 200 East Campbell Avenue. Look for a signup sheet at the Club! The Club is at 1 West Campbell Avenue, so go east 2 blocks!

Did you know that the ACBL bought a building in Nashville 15 years ago, and today they got one offer for less than half what they paid? Thank your lucky stars that you live in Silicon Valley, where this negative appreciation is non-existent.

Save the date August 20th! We will be honoring Don Nemiro for achieving the 10,000 point barrier! Congrats again, Don!

That's it for this month, so I'll see ya at the tables

Every year Unit 507 holds a membership game and dinner. This year we have relocated to the Sonoma Chicken Coop. at 200 East Campbell Ave. The dinner is free to Unit members, so, if you have not yet joined the ACBL or you have let your membership lapse, now would be a good time to join or renew!

If you are a technically a member of a neighboring unit, now would be a good time to switch to Unit 507, if San Jose is where you really play. This tends to be a huge game. You need to sign up in advance in order to partake of the dinner. It’s also helpful to sign up in advance for the game, especially if you want a North-South!

The fee for the game is only $5.00. If you want to have a non-playing family member join us at the dinner, it’s only $20.00.

Big ♣ News

Tuesday Afternoons at the Club

Lynn Yokel and Carole Dietz have begun a new class for beginning players. At the bridge center on Tuesdays at 3:00, they will present a brief lesson and then about 11/2 hours of supervised play. We encourage any players who feel they would benefit from this type of format to attend the class.


If you have any questions call either Lynn (374-4669) or Carole (395-6360).




Lynn Yokel Intermediate Lessons
Wednesday Mornings 8:30 - 10:30

San Jose Bridge Club


June 22: Roman Keycard Blackwood

June 29: Two-Suited Comeptitive Bids

July 6: 3rd and 4th Seat Opening (Drury)


For information contact: Lynn Yokel

374-4669 *




North American Pairs by Lynn Yokel

It's time again for the annual NAP competition, a way for players of all levels to earn lots of master points and maybe even win a trip to an upcoming National Tournament! Play at one of the qualifying games at the San Jose Bridge Club, which will occur in June, July and August. Already scheduled are qualifying games on Tuesday evening, June 21, and Wednesday evening June 29.

If you get a 50% or better game (or just beat half the pairs in your strat), you can play in the Unit Level Qualifying Game, a two-session event that will be held at the San Jose Bridge Club in September or October. If you do better than half the pairs in your strat at that game, you will qualify to play in the District Level game in November. 1st place pairs in each strat will receive round-trip airfare and three nights lodging at the Nationals in Dallas Texas in the spring. 2nd place will receive round-trip airfare, and third place may participate in the NAP Event at the Nationals.

Late May – Early June Winners

Sunday 5:20 PM San Jose Bridge Center (SJBC)


Ben & Fia Bosklopper A/B
Manju Agarwal - Raghu Agarwall C
Judi Carollo - Nadia Nilsson A/B
Gary Kao - Randy Moore C


Maxine & Ray Lubow A 65.18%
Keith & Carol Burnett A/B
Bob Martin - Norman Marks B/C
Bruce Scott - Corinn Carter C


Sunny Chiu - Helen Chao A/B/C 65.20%
Alexander Tampilang - Michael Callahan A
Ken Rosenfeld - Jim Blum B/C


Jin Zhu - Jeff Landauer A/B/C
Joel Koransky - Kat Wesolowska A/B
Douglas Ryan - Suzie Chiang C




Monday 11:00 AM SJBC


Mary Touris - Bill Yetter A 66.67%
Dana Brown - Tania Moalem A
Gigi Spinazze - David Gambelin B


Ted Richmond - W Riester Jr A
Dolores & Jack Clinch A
Maxine & Ray Lubow B
Billie Mechanic - Madie Horton B


Helen Chao - Cassandra Leung A/B/C
Ashraf El-Sadi - Panette Talia A
Ray Lubow - Gigi Spinazze B


Ted Richmond - W Riester Jr A
Consorcia/Ching Ravelo - Sherry Waki B/C
Lynn Yokel - Barbara Tiernan A
Geri Colwell - Cheryl Liptak B





Monday 7:30 PM SJBC


Joseph Poppo - Peggy Sprague A/B 77.04%
Val Mason - Eryl Barker A/B


Judy Namanny - Rita Randolph A/B
Leon W. Lee - John Prior A/B
Bruce Scott – Lucia Teulecke B


Hugh Roberts - Harry Shannon A/B 65.85%


Carol Woodward - Jan O'Malley A/B
Peggy Sprague - David Crosley A/B


Full game results and some hand records are available at





Tuesday 10:30 AM SJBC


Carole Dietz - Sidney Safir A
Bernard Hoyt - Julie Joyce A/B/C
Richard Sarsfield - Jim Blum B/C


Frances Dickman - Lynn Yokel A
Harry Cuzner - Norman Riley A/B/C
Josephine Cooley - Read Kitson B


Team 10 (Hayashi, Boboricken, Dickman, Shannon) A


Harry Cuzner - Norman Riley A/B/C
Coline Maclean - Steve Bosma A
Bob Coughlin - Sunny Chiu B/C


Kathleen Keener - Art Fonda A/B 65.18%
Carole Dietz - Diane Shannon A
David Gambelin - Gigi Spinazze B
Vic Castellano - Anthony Trebaol C





Tuesday 7:30 PM SJBC


Bruce Luttrell - Raymond Yuenger A
Melinda Foos - Michael Fleisher A/B


Bruce Luttrell - Dana Brown A
Kenneth Yip - Andy Andrews B


Tien-Chun Yang - Cai Gao A
Mike Roney - John Prior A
Cindy Gilbert - John Oswalt B


Lynn Yokel - Raymond Yuenger A
Melinda Foos - Michael Fleisher B
Patricia Hannah - Mary Touris A
Lorraine Rodich - Laura Walters B


Ben Franz – Peggy Sprague A/B/C 66.25%





Wednesday 11:00 AM SJBC


Victor Rivkin - Timothy White A/B/C 67.00%
Henne Fredkin - Ruth Wiseman A/B/C
Keith Burnett - Frank Kitchiner A/B
Donna Armstrong - Sioux Atkinson C


Victor Rivkin - Boris Ginzburg A
Jerry Lundquist - Lee Dimmitt B
Bruce Scott - Corinn Carter C


Donna Armstrong - Sioux Atkinson A/B
Jack Clinch - Sidney Safir B/C
Lucia Teulecke - Bruce Scott C


Bob Ward - John Newman A/B/C
Missy Coy - Bill Yetter A
Albert Lyew - V C Paul Bahl B/C
Bruce Scott - Martin Anding A/B/C


Dolores Clinch - Barbara Barlow A
Donna Armstrong - Sioux Atkinson A/B
Bob Ward - John Newman C
Henne Fredkin - Ruth Wiseman B/C





Wednesday 7:00 PM SJBC


John Hoffman - Leila Sink A
Jack Verson - Marshall Yancey A
Paul Nelson - Jeffrey Hack B


Henri Farhi - John Hoffman A
Jim Hayashi - Bonnie Beardsley A
Ruth Froeberg - John Harley B
Victor Rivkin - Gary Kao C
Lynn Yokel - Annette Powers B


Edward Barlow - Anne Boboricken A 69.64%
John Hoffman - Henri Farhi A
Derek & Teddi Fiero B/C


Boris Ginzburg - Victor Rivkin A/B/C 68.41%


Melinda Foos - Michael Fleisher A/B/C
Kit Humphrey - Henri Farhi A
David Gambelin - Panette Talia B





Wednesday 7:30 PM Oakwood


Connie & Mario Vazquez A/B
Armando Degraca - Arno Lauterbach A/B/C
Rajiv Dingra - K V Rao C


Shirley Foreman - Richard Jacobs A/B
Barbara Soohoo - Nancy Nakamura C
Marilyn Campbell – Dan Oneal A/B


Leon W Lee – Jerry Lundquist A/B
Elaine Erickson - Paul Chang A
Nancy & Tom Cadwell C
Connie & Mario Vazquez B
John Barth - Mike Develin C


David Gambelin - Helen Mitchell A
Connie & Mario Vazquez B
Barbara Soohoo - Nancy Nakamura A/B/C


Erin Gove – Joseph Chui A/B/C
Gaya Vukkadala - Bill Traver A/B
Mervin & Shirley Falk C






Thursday 10:30 AM SJBC


Carole Dietz - Barbara Harkleroad A 65.28%
Billee Giansiracusa - Norma Black B


Barbara Harkleroad - Judy Fisher A
Anne Boboricken - Jim Hayashi A
Kathleen Keener - Art Fonda B


Dolores & Jack Clinch A
Kenneth Kenfield - Steve Bosma B




David Gambelin - Gigi Spinazze A/B
Billee Giansiracusa - Norma Black A/B





Thursday 7:00 PM SJBC


Ravi Thomas - Neal Robinson A/B
Joel Koransky - Kat Wesolowska A/B/C
Pete Read - Bill Garfield C


Gary Kao - Faye Parsons A
Richard Jacobs - Ron Baron A
Ravi Thomas - Alan Beban B
Joel Koransky - Kat Wesolowska B/C
Pete Read - Bill Garfield C


Jack Verson - Tania Moalem A 68.24%
Jody Praklet - Raymond Yuenger A 65.48%
Dick Pitzer - Ellie Hall-Pitzer B/C
Jerry Lundquist - Mich Ravera B
Joseph Poppo - Peggy Sprague C


Joseph Poppo - Peggy Sprague A/B/C
Dan Turkus - Joe Chui A
Stan Wicka - Kamen Nedeltchev B/C


George Pledger - Paul Chang A
Dan Rappaport - Mike Sullivan A/B





Friday 11:00 AM SJBC


Ruth Sporer - Maureen Ellenberg A/B
Leon W. Lee - Jerry Lundquist A/B


Missy Coy - Bill Yetter A/B
Jewel Schimke - Sally McLane A/B


Roberta Murai - Miwako Wong A/B
Doris Oelberg - Consorcia/Ching Ravelo A/B
Lynn Shannon - Jim Blum B


Miwako Wong - Roberta Murai A/B
Bill Traver - Dan Oneal A/B


Molly Kaufman – Janice Scott A/B
Bernard Hoyt - Albert Lyew A/B





Friday 7:00 PM SJBC


Martin Anding - Norman Marks A/B/C
Judy Travis -
Mich Ravera A
Art & Colette Quaife B


Mary Harvel - Randy Rice A/B
Karen Kulander - Happy Fordham A/B


Team 4 (Koransky, Allo, Chiu, Chao) A/B


Raghu & Manju Agarwal A/B/C 66.96%
Norman Marks - Bruce Scott A/B/C


Carol & Keith Burnett A
Art & Colette Quaife A/B/C
Maria Allo - Ken Rosenfeld B/C





Saturday 12:45 PM SJBC


Joan Simpson - Mike Braun A/B
Carol Woodward - Ed Chen A/B


Mich Ravera - Jerry Lundquist A/B
Alexander Tampilang - Tom Cadwell A/B
Jewel Schimke - Ed Chen B


Shirley Anderson – Rita Randolph A/B
Bernard Bertonis - Rita Tingley A
Carol Woodward - Jan O'Malley B





Saturday 7:00 PM SJBC


Unit Game

Team 8 (Maxfield, Robinson, Thomas, Foos) A/B


John Prior - Carole Dietz A
Earl Peng - Jiang Chen B


Norman Marks - Alexander Tampilang A


Maxine & Ray Lubow A


Top Ten Games May 11-June 10



Joseph Poppo - Peggy Sprague

5/16 Eve



Edward Barlow - Anne Boboricken

5/25 Eve



Boris Ginzburg - Victor Rivkin

6/1 Eve



Jack Verson - Tania Moalem

5/26 Eve



Victor Rivkin - Timothy White

5/11 AM



Raghu & Manju Agarwal

6/3 Eve



Mary Touris - Bill Yetter

5/16 AM



Ben Franz - Peggy Sprague

6/7 Eve



Hugh Roberts - Harry Shannon

5/30 Eve



Jody Praklet - Raymond Yuenger

5/26 Eve


499er Happenings

The inaugural 499er team game drew 13 tables. That’s almost a record for a Sunday evening game. Another team event is scheduled for July 17. This game will be at the special time of 5:00 PM.

Randy Rice and Mary Harvel will be hosting the next 499er Potluck to be held on June 26. The food starts at about 4:30 PM. The game is at the usual time: 5:20 PM.


Please submit contributions for The Di-Rek’Tor to Michael Angelo Ravera


Voice: 408-432-1020

Printed: SJBC Folder


The Di-Rek’Tor

The Di-Rek’Tor is published monthly by Unit 507 of the American Contract Bridge League, Campbell Community Center, One West Campbell Avenue, Building J-68, Campbell, CA 95008. Opinions in articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Unit Board.


Unit 507 Board Officers


Dan Turkus

Vice President

Ray Yuenger


Marshall Yancey


Neal Webb

Sergeant at Arms

Art Fonda


Dick Pitzer


Bill Langlois

Unit Recorder

Carole Dietz

Forum columnist

Ray Yuenger

Unit Game Coordinator

Rekha Nirula

Tournament Coordinator

Tania Moalem

The Di-Rek'Tor Editor

Michael Angelo Ravera


Lynn Yokel

District 21 Representatives

Jeff Hack   
Stu Goodgold

New Player Representative

Mich Ravera


Promotions and Titles


Richard Markell


Judith Clark


             Idioter’s Corner

I’ve often told a story about a friend of mine with whom I played on a club volleyball team. He had played his college ball at Illinois University and, one year, his team managed to barely claw its way into the NCAA tournament. In the first round of play, they faced the team from UCLA that included a number of people who would later go on to represent the USA in the Olympic Games. Anything can happen right? Well, it didn’t. UCLA wiped the floor up with them: 15-1, 15-0, and 15-3 (with UCLA playing their second string).

I was reminded of this as I participated in the premier teams event in Sacramento. My team gave a bit better accounting of ourselves than the Fighting Illini did. In fact we entered that last of eight matches with a mathematical chance of qualifying.

The point of this is that Bridge still has premier events where anyone with the time and an entry fee can participate. Such an ability is rare indeed among sports.

Yes, I said “sports”. If things go according to plan, we should soon see results of Unit games and higher in the box scores of the sports pages where, in my opinion, they belong


Unit 507 Club Games



Game Type



Phone (408)


5:20 pm

0-499 Stratified

(Lesson: 5:00 pm)

Monthly Potluck: 4:30 pm

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

Open Stratified Hand records


Bill Traver



7:30 pm

0-699 Handicapped

(Lesson: 7:10 pm)

Al Becker



10:30 am

Open Stratified Hand Records Super Chart


Judy Fisher / Carole Dietz

395-0032 / 395-6360


3:00 pm

Lesson and Supervised Play

Lynn Yokel / Carole Dietz

374-4669 / 395-6360


7:30 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records

Ray Yuenger / Will Watson

379-7717 / (650)610-0225


11:00 am

Two Sections: Open and 0-299 Stratified Hand Records

(Lesson 10:30 am)


Rita Tingley / Bernie Bertonis



7:30 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records

At Oakwood


Bill Traver



7:00 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records Super Chart


Jim Hayashi / Anne Boboricken

292-2370 / 379-2805


10:30 am

Open Hand Records Super Chart


Lynn Yokel



10:00 am

0-300 at Belmont Village

Carol Woodward



7:00 pm

Open Stratified

See Sunday

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

0-1199 Handicapped

 (Review: 2:30 pm)

See Monday

Al Becker



7:00 pm

0-300 Stratified (Lesson: 6:30 pm) One “Teacher Lifeline” Hand Records

George Pledger / Carole Dietz

249-2674 / 395-6360


12:45 pm

0-2000 Handicapped

See Monday

Al Becker



7:00 pm

Open Stratified
 “Deal of the Day”
6:55 PM

John Prior

All games are held at the San Jose Bridge Center (408-871-1232) at one W. Campbell Ave, Room J-68, inside the Campbell Community Center except those identified as “in Sunnyvale”, “at Belmont Village”, and “at Oakwood. The Oakwood game is held at the Oakwood Garden Apartments, 700 Saratoga Ave, San Jose. The Belmont Village game is held at Belmont at 1039 E. El Camino Real between Wolfe Rd and Lawrence Expressway. All games allow methods and systems permitted by the ACBL General Convention Chart. Those games identified as “MidChart” or “Super Chart” also permit methods authorized by those charts with proper disclosure. Check club postings, visit our web site at or call for the exact dates and times of the Special STaC and Special Unit games, and of the 499er Potluck.

Games are often reduced, relaxed, or cancelled during local tournaments.