Spring Sectional

Fri 4/1 – Sun 4/3


Unit Games



Pairings by random draw

Sat 2/26 7:00 PM


Ace of Clubs – MiniMcKinney

Sat 3/26 7:00 PM


Wine and Cheese

Sat 4/30 7:00 PM



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Prez Sez      by Dan Turkus

I hope you all had a great time at the San Mateo Regional. I learned something about Knockouts that I never knew before this. If you are in a Knockout, and in one of the two top Brackets, have a full 16 teams in your bracket, manage to win the first round, but lose the second round, you can ask to be in the consolation, and if you win that round, you can win some GOLD! Thank you very much.

Our next Unit Game is going to be a Pro-Am on Feb 26th at 7:00 PM. You don't need a partner, as Pros and Ams will be matched up by the Director. Then March 26 will be the Ace of Clubs-Mini McKinney awards game, and if you won your bracket, you will get a free play, and you are allowed to bring a partner of choice. This is a great competition.

The following weekend, April 1 through 3 will be our Spring Sectional, so get your partners lined up for that. Brochures will be at the Club.

 Does anyone have an idea for a new type of Unit Game in which you would like to participate? If you have any novel ideas, let one of the members of the Board know. We would like to bring you what you want! Did I mention our Wine & Cheese Game on April 30th?

 Apparently, the Unit is a Non-Profit Organization, which offers education to the Community, and is an asset to the Community. I will be checking with the IRS, as to how we can receive donations, and make the donations a tax deduction to those generous enough to donate to the Unit. I have always thought, we could control our own destiny if we owned a Building, a dream that has been shared with me by many other Bridge players. Watch this column for an update, and hopefully a tax deduction for our contributors!

 Our next Board meeting is March 2nd at 5:30 PM sharp. Please feel free to stop in and hear what goes on, and have a slice of Pizza.

 That's it for this month, so I'll se ya at the tables.

Conscience Court
Bill Langlois


Personally I despise dress codes, because where does one draw the line? There are those who would have us playing in tuxedos and evening gowns, as they did back in the 1930s. To avoid that threat, I’m willing to put up with styles I personally don’t favor. In principle, if it’s alright by the board of health and it’s alright by the vice squad, it should be alright by the ACBL.

However, we do well to avoid attire that’s unpleasant or distracting enough that other reasonable people find it interfering with their enjoyment of the game. Noticeably poor hygiene or a “plumber’s smile” would be examples. For the most part, this is a subjective matter, and depends on locale. At our local clubs, in my opinion, swimsuits would cross the line, but tennis attire is OK. It’s possible, however, that at some beach resorts, swimsuits are acceptable, and for a game at the Islamic center, best forgo the tennis dress. As it is so often the case, the key is considerations for others.

A little give-and-take is also appropriate here. It’s unbecoming to be overly critical of other players’ attire. Catty remarks that another player dresses too casually – or too attractively – makes listeners think “I wonder what’s said about ME when I’m not at the table.” Address legitimate complaints to the club director and otherwise find something else to talk about.

 Say it, Frank!   by Jeff Hack

 A pet peeve of mine is when declarer says to dummy, "Play Anything!"


1) It really doesn't make any difference or

2) It does make a difference, but declarer doesn’t know it or

3) It does make a difference and declarer knows this but declarer doesn't know what to play. This is unethical.

I recently had this situation:

Dummy had ♠42 A7 I had ♠JT 86. It was late and I had lost count. Declarer lead a heart and then said to dummy, "Play Anything!" I said to play the A. Dummy said "No, that was stupid" I said, "Declarer said anything!" Note that if the A is pitched, I can safely play the 6 and keep the ♠JT which might be worth something. Even if the 7 was pitched it would be better for me. If the ♠2 is discarded then I'm not sure if I have to protect my tenace over the clubs or keep a marginal spade holding. The director was called and, after a long argument by the opponents, the A was thrown.

An ethical dummy should never be put in the position of deciding what card to choose. Declarer should at least say "Small spade."


Text Box: Late January – Early February Winners

 Sunday 5:20 PM San Jose Bridge Center (SJBC)


Marks Newman - Maralyn Smith A/B/C
Dick Pitzer - Ellie Hall-Pitzer A
Kat Wesolowska - Nadia Nilsson B
Bruce Scott - Corinn Carter C


John Prior - Joe Chui A
Alexander Tampilang - Gabriella Bowling A
Ben & Fia Bosklopper B
Manju & Raghu Agarwal C
Carol Woodward - Maralyn Smith B


Carol & Keith Burnett A
Douglas Ryan - Suzie Chiang B/C
Manju & Raghu Agarwal A/B/C


Shirley Foreman - Sherry Waki A 74.11%
Martin Anding - Bill Garfield B
Mary Harvel - Randy Rice A/B/C
Ed & Martha Sutton C


Monday 11:00 AM SJBC



Dolores & Jack Clinch A
Y.E. Chen - Bert Hsu A/B
Josephine Cooley - Harriet Rounds B
Cackalani R. & Vasanth Krishnamurthi C


Bill Yetter - David Gambelin A
Richard Jacobs - Malcolm Stewart B
N Hatfield -
Faye Parsons A
Paul Nelson - Harriet Rounds B
Phyllis Vierra - Rita Randolph C


H Zoellner - Richard Kilner A/B
Virginia English - Paul Nelson A
Maxine & Ray Lubow B/C
Bev Rennie - Coline Maclean C


Kenneth Kenfield - Jean Power A 65.61%
David Gambelin -
Tania Moalem A
Helen Chao - Cassandra Leung B/C
Madie Horton - Billee Giansiracusa B

Monday 7:30 PM SJBC


Judy Travis - Mich Ravera 66.25%
Hugh Roberts - Mike Sullivan


Hiram Shen - Mike Sullivan 69.07%
Eryl Barker - Val Mason


Hugh Roberts - Harry Shannon 65.48%
Jewel Schimke - Bob Shannon


Jack & Kate Uppal 71.83%
Val Mason - Eryl Barker

Tuesday 10:30 AM SJBC


Derek Fiero - Dan Turkus A/B
Jim Tseng - Norman Wang A/B/C
Bernard Hoyt - Julie Joyce C


Daniel Kroll - Lynn Yokel A
Kathleen Keener - Barbara Harkleroad A
Paul Nelson - Josephine Cooley B
Y.E. Chen - Norman Wang B
Bob Coughlin - Sunny Chiu C


Team 7 (Ritz, Boboricken, English, English) A


Anne Boboricken - Jim Hayashi A
Judy Fisher - Bonnie Beardsley A
Norman Wang - Jim Tseng B/C
Beverly Wright - Jean Power B


Jim Hayashi - Rose Meltzer A 67.82%
Tania Moalem - Diane Shannon A
David Gambelin - Gigi Spinazze B
Richard Sarsfield - Jim Blum B/C


Tuesday 7:30 PM SJBC


Judy Fisher - Tania Moalem A
Will Watson - Gary Porter A
Z Kadah - Kamen Nedeltchev B
Kenneth Yip - Andy Andrews B/C


Tania Moalem - Bonnie Beardsley A
Daniel Kroll - Raymond Yuenger A
Melinda Foos - Michael Fleisher B
Chuck & Harvey Lindauer B/C
Z Kadah - Kamen Nedeltchev C


Peggy Chen - Glenn Hudson A/B/C
Henri Farhi - Kit Humphrey A
Sabina Siem - Rita Tingley B
Ken Rosenfeld - Jim Blum C


Z Kadah - Kamen Nedeltchev A/B
Babu Mandava - Annette Powers A/B
Kenneth Yip - Andy Andrews C


Will Watson - Babu Mandava A
Peggy Chen - Glenn Hudson B/C

Wednesday 11:00 AM SJBC


Michael Abrams - V C Paul Bahl A 65.18%
Cassandra Leung - Helen Chao A/B
John Bugna - Mack Johansen B/C
Jesse Merlin - Bruce Scott C


Joyce Sogg - Fung Bao A
Victor Rivkin - Malcolm Stewart A
Linda & Robert Caren B
Pravin Shah - V C Paul Bahl C
Mack Johansen - John Bugna B/C


Allen Wolman - Randee Palmer A/B 67.39%
Bruce Scott - Jesse Merlin A/B/C
Richard Jacobs - Malcolm Stewart A/B
Marc Epstein - Al Chase C


Joan Simpson - Dan Hoffman A 65.43%
Gabriella Bowling - Raja Smadi A
Lynn & Bob Shannon B
Victor Rivkin - Malcolm Stewart A/B
Lee Dimmitt - Jerry Lundquist B
Sue Casey - Annabelle Frederickson C
Faye Parsons - Stan Batiste A
R Raghia - R Choodi B
Ruth Mohanram - Valerie Amzallog C


Lee Dimmitt - Jerry Lundquist A/B 77.92%
Jesse Merlin - Bruce Scott C
Cassandra Leung - Helen Chao A/B
Elaine Knoernschild - Joan Seipel C

Wednesday 7:00 PM SJBC


Cai Gao - NongYu Li A/B/C
Marshall Yancey - Jack Verson A
Dave Davies - Malcolm Sprott B


Judy Fisher - Larry Wagner A
Kit Humphrey - Henri Farhi A/B
Derek & Teddi Fiero B/C


Panette Talia - David Gambelin A/B
Alan Becker - Jewel Schimke A/B
Cai Gao - NongYu Li C


Kit Humphrey - Henri Farhi A/B
Robert Madalena - Gary MacGregor A
Dan Rappaport -
Matt Moore B


Jack Verson - Marshall Yancey A
Ronald Siegrist - Daniel Kroll A/B
Melinda Foos - Michael Fleisher B/C



 Wednesday 7:30 PM Oakwood


Erin Gove - Joseph Chui A/B/C 69.35%
David Gambelin - Helen Mitchell A
Connie & Mario Vazquez B


Laura Walters - Lorraine Rodich A/B/C
Val Abid - Anne Dudman A/B/C


Leon W Lee - Jerry Lundquist A/B
Cathy Stahler - Peggy Chen A/B/C
Erin Gove - Joseph Chui C


Helen Mitchell - David Gambelin A
George Pledger - Shirley Foreman A/B
Shirley Anderson - Rita Randolph C
Gary Ratts - H Zoellner B


Dan Rappaport - Matt Moore A/B/C
Laura Walters -
Lorraine Rodich A/B/C

Thursday 10:30 AM SJBC


Kit Humphrey - Bill Langlois A
Julian Heicklen - Richard Sarsfield A
Paul Nelson - Josephine Cooley B
Patricia Hannah - Mary Touris B


Art Fonda - Kathleen Keener A/B
Y.E. Chen - Chi Yung Lin A/B/C


Diane Shannon - Frances Dickman A 66.20%
Kit Humphrey - Robert Ritz A
Raja Smadi - Malcolm Stewart B
Charlie Pender - Shep Hume C
Y.E. Chen - Paul Chang B


Patricia Hannah - Art Fonda A/B
Olive Tangney - Jean Power A


Frances Dickman - Diane Shannon A 66.41%
Dolores & Jack Clinch A
Paul Nelson - Josephine Cooley B
Rollin Cutts – Stanford Field C

Thursday 7:00 PM SJBC



Shaila & Hemant Mandpe A/B
Phyllis Vierra - Rekha Nirula A


Richard Jacobs - Ron Baron A 65.42%
Michael Callahan - John Prior A
Joe Houd - Jim Blum B/C


Hemant & Shaila Mandpe A/B
Dick Pitzer - Ellie Hall-Pitzer A/B
Jo Murray - Raghu Agarwal C


Richard Jacobs - John Prior A
Hemant & Shaila Mandpe B
John & Mischel Postas A/B/C


Shaila & Hemant Mandpe A/B
Molly Kaufman - Peggy Chen A
Ivy Chueh - Nadia Nilsson B

Friday 11:00 AM SJBC


Harriet Rounds - Fran Trautman 66.07%
Sunny Chiu - Cassandra Leung


Bernard Hoyt - Julie Joyce
Ruth Sporer - Gigi Spinazze


Bill Traver - Marilyn Campbell 66.67%
Hugh Roberts - Harry Shannon


Hugh Roberts - Harry Shannon
Awtar & Birendar Singh

Saturday 12:45 PM SJBC


Awtar & Birendar Singh
Joan Simpson - Mike Braun


Mildred & Russell Brewer
Dick Pitzer - Ellie Hall-Pitzer


Dee Dobbs - Renee Perry
Jewel Schimke - Judy Travis


Carol Woodward - Alexander Tampilang 69.25%
Glenn Hudson -
Norman Marks 65.38%


Friday 7:00 PM SJBC



Maralyn Smith - Fia Bosklopper A/B
Colette Babin - Art Quaife A/B/C
Raghu & Manju Agarwal C


Connie Dunckelmann - Lee Dimmitt A 65.48%
Judy Travis - Bill Garfield B
Nancy & Tom Cadwell A
Raghu & Manju Agarwal C
Bob & Nancy Ward B


Team 4 (Schimke, Shannon, Smith, Bosklopper) A


Shaila & Hemant Mandpe A
Jewel Schimke - Bob Shannon A
Art & Colette Quaife B/C

Saturday January 22 7:00PM Rose Bowl SJBC

Kit Humphrey - Henri Farhi A/B 66.51%
Tien-Chun Yang - Jim Hayashi A 65.06%
Stephen Tu - Mike Cailean B

Top Ten Games Dec 11-Jan 10



Lee Dimmitt - Jerry Lundquist

2/9 AM



Shirley Foreman - Sherry Waki

2/6 Eve



Jack & Kate Uppal

2/7 Eve



Erin Gove - Joseph Chui

1/12 Mid



Carol Woodward - Alex Tampilang

2/5 PM



Hiram Shen - Mike Sullivan

1/24 Eve



Jim Hayashi - Rose Meltzer

2/8 AM



Allen Wolman - Randee Palmer

1/26 AM



Bill Traver - Marilyn Campbell

1/28 AM



Kit Humphrey - Henri Farhi

1/22 Eve

Full game results and some hand records are available at http://www.sjbridge.org/cal.php

                 Idioter’s Corner

The exit ramp from Southbound CASR-17 to Hamilton Avenue has what is referred to by drivers as a “Right on a Roll” The most important thing to understand about such a traffic control device is that no stop is required for right turning traffic and, since a raised wedge keeps through traffic from interfering with right turning traffic, a stop is usually unnecessary. Still, this doesn’t keep some drivers from stopping because they think that they need three clear lanes to turn into Home Depot.

What does all of this have to do with Bridge? Well, how can I resist? I understand that sometimes people get absorbed in a hand that is difficult to play and need to take some additional time. To do so at the possible cost of a collision because everyone is backed up behind you because you are just too absorbed in your goal is inconsiderate of others. Move along and make a U-turn, if necessary.

While we are on the subject of proper stops, Jeff Hack also had a comment to my December editorial to the effect that not one person in ten uses the STOP card properly all of the time.

It is with the thoughts as to compliance with the laws and consideration for others in mind that I’m happy to welcome articles from Bill Langlois and Jeff Hack to these pages.

The Di-Rek’Tor

The Di-Rek’Tor is published monthly by Unit 507 of the American Contract Bridge League, Campbell Community Center, One West Campbell Avenue, Building J-68, Campbell, CA 95008. Opinions in articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Unit Board.

Unit 507 Board Officers


Dan Turkus

Vice President

Ray Yuenger


Marshall Yancey


Neal Webb

Sgt. at Arms

Art Fonda


Dick Pitzer


Bill Langlois

Unit Recorder

Carole Dietz

Forum columnist

Ray Yuenger

Unit Game Coordinator

Rekha Nirula

Tournament Coordinator

Tania Moalem

The Di-Rek'Tor Editor

Michael Angelo Ravera


Lynn Yokel

D21 Representative

Jeff Hack

Stu Goodgold

New Player Representative

Mich Ravera

Charlie Dorn Day                  by Carole Dietz

We had 14 tables at our sixth annual Charlie Dorn Day on Tuesday, January 18. Charlie, our unit icon, welcomed his many admirers who turned out to honor him. Playing with one of his favorite partners, Diane Shannon, Charlie continues to impress his opponents with his bridge skills. We miss seeing him on a regular basis but are happy that we have the opportunity to say hello to him on this special day. Overall winners of the event were Lynn Yokel and Dan Kroll (pictured right). 

 Tuesday Morning Bridge offers a Swiss Team game on the last Tuesday of every month. If you are interested in playing in this event, need a partner or a team, please call Judy Fisher (395-0032) or Carole Dietz (395-6360) and we will try to accommodate you

 Our games start at 10:30AM and hand records are provided (except for team games). 

Tuesday Morning Players Diane, Dan, Lynn, and Charlie (Dan and Anne in background).

Photo by Carole Dietz.

Please submit contributions for
The Di-Rek’Tor to
Michael Angelo Ravera

Email: maravera@prodigy.net

Voice: 408-432-1020

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Unit 507 Club Games



Game Type



Phone (408)


5:20 pm

0-499 Stratified

(Lesson: 5:00 pm)

Monthly Potluck: 4:30 pm

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

Open Stratified Hand records


Bill Traver



7:30 pm

0-699 Handicapped

(Lesson: 7:10 pm)

Al Becker



10:30 am

Open Stratified Hand Records Super Chart


Judy Fisher / Carole Dietz

395-0032 / 395-6360


7:30 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records


Neal Webb / Ray Yuenger

243-9132 / 379-7717


11:00 am

Two Sections: Open and 0-299 Stratified Hand Records

(Lesson 10:30 am)


Rita Tingley / Bernie Bertonis



7:30 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records

At Oakwood


Bill Traver



7:00 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records Super Chart


Jim Hayashi / Anne Boboricken

292-2370 / 379-2805


10:30 am

Open Hand Records Super Chart

Lynn Yokel



10:00 am

0-300 at Belmont Village

Carol Woodward



7:00 pm

0-999 Stratified (Topics: 6:40 pm)

See Sunday

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

0-1199 Handicapped

 (Review: 2:30 pm)

See Monday

Al Becker



7:00 pm

0-300 Stratified (Lesson: 6:30 pm) One “Teacher Lifeline” Hand Records

George Pledger / Carole Dietz

249-2674 / 395-6360


12:45 pm

0-2000 Handicapped

See Monday

Al Becker



7:00 pm

Open Stratified (often preempted)


John Prior


All games are held at the San Jose Bridge Center (408-871-1232) at one W. Campbell Ave, Room J-68, inside the Campbell Community Center except those identified as “in Sunnyvale”, “at Belmont Village”, and “at Oakwood. The Oakwood game is held at the Oakwood Garden Apartments, 700 Saratoga Ave, San Jose. The Belmont Village game is held at Belmont at 1039 E. El Camino Real between Wolfe Rd and Lawrence Expressway. All games allow methods and systems permitted by the ACBL General Convention Chart. Those games identified as “MidChart” or “Super Chart” also permit methods authorized by those charts with proper disclosure. Check club postings, visit our web site at http://www.SJBridge.org or call for the exact dates and times of the Special STaC and Special Unit games, and of the 499er Potluck.

Games are often reduced, relaxed, or cancelled during local tournaments.