Unit Games

Membership Dinner & Game

Sun 6/20

Dinner: Fung Lum 5:00PM

Members: Free

Guests: $20

Game: CCC Big Room Approx 6:30 PM

Members: Free

Guests: $8

ProAmNovice Teams

Sat 7/17 7:00 PM SJBC

Teams organized at Game Time

Wine and Cheeze Pairs

Sat 8/14 7:00 PM SJBC


NAP Qualifiers

Tue 6/22 & 7/6 7:30PM

Wed 6/23, 7/14 & 7/28 11AM

Club Championships

Tue 6/29 7:30PM SJBC

Thu 7/1 10 AM Belmont

Wed 7/6 11 AM BridgePoint

Jr. Fund Games

Wed 6/16 & 7/21 11AM



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Unit Promo                 1

Top Ten                       1

Warzek Obit                1

May-June Results     2

Masthead                    3

Idioter’s Corner         3

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Game Times              4

Prez Sez      by Dan Turkus

Can you believe it's June already? I hope you have all voted, and are anxiously awaiting the results of our elections, which will be announced at our Unit Dinner at Fung Lum Restaurant on Sunday the 20th.  If you don't have a partner yet, come anyway, as I've heard that there may be a few strays around.  We will need some help setting up tables for the Bridge game after the dinner at around 4:00PM. So please drop by, and help out a little.

 In case you haven't heard, Frank Warzek passed away about three of weeks ago. If you didn't know him, you missed out on quite a fine player. He will truly be missed!

My long time partner, George Humphrey, and his wife Dee have sold their house and moved to San Diego. I'm sure we will miss seeing them, also.

We have a really neat Unit Team game coming up July 17. It will consist of teams of 6 people (2 Pros, 2 Ams and 2 Novices). You will have to ask Jeff Hack exactly how it works, -- better yet, attend! It should be very interesting. I'm looking forward to this new and unique format.

     On August 14, we are planning a Wine and Cheese Unit game.  If you missed these in the past, the food is great, and the wine isn't bad either (No two buck chuck!)  In fact, I've noticed the number of Director calls are in direct proportion to the number of bottles of wine consumed.

Our next Board meeting is July 7 at 5:30 PM. If you would like to add your two cents as to what are Unit can do to make your Bridge experience better, or just want a slice of pizza, come by!

Well, that's it for this month, so I'll see ya at the tables. Dan Turkus

Unit ProAmNovice Teams July 17
                                            by Jeff Hack

Saturday, July 17 we will be having the Pro-Am-Novice Swiss teams.  Each team will consist of 3 pairs: a pro pair, an amateur pair and a novice pair. 

For each match, the pro's will sit  in one direction against the pro's of the other team. Both the amateurs and the novices will sit in the opposite direction and play their respective opponents. The pro's score will count twice, once with the Am's and once with the novices on their team.

All the pairs will be ranked and the top 1/3 will be designated Pros, the bottom 1/3 novices and the rest Ams. A team may enter with either two or three pairs but the team may be broken up if it has too many in the Pro or Am division.  Pairs may play up if they want to.  All pairs not on a team will be placed on teams. One warning: we need a number of pairs divisible by 3.

In Memoriam Frank Warzek
                      by Jim Hayashi

The bridge world lost a colorful personality recently. Frank Warzek was a good bridge player and used the same intensity and precision at the bridge table in everything that he did in life.

Frank was a nuclear engineer from Yonkers, New York. He started working for General Electric in New York and moved to San Jose where he was the Responsible Engineer for several nuclear power plants. He was a very active member of the Elk’s Club and a devoted father to his children Michael and Michelle.

When I started to play bridge, I played only on weekends. Then someone asked me to play on a Wednesday night saying, “Swanee has the best game.” When I arrived at the game I was asked, “What section do you want to play in? Frank’s or Charlie [Dorn]’s?” This was when I met Frank for the first time.

Later Frank became my mentor in bridge and my big brother in life. Frank was a great cook and had me over many times. I would always look forward to the times he would go to New York because he usually brought back his favorite New York Polish sausage.

If you played regularly with Frank, you not only became a partner but also a friend. His favorite partner was Sachi Miki. Sachi was a delicate looking lady who was as tough as nails. You had to be tough to play with Frank. Another of his favorite partners was Jim Foster from Saugus, California whom he would meet to play at tournaments. Sachi’s and Jim’s deaths were devastating to Frank.  Recently he’s been playing frequently with Olive Tangney, Diane Shannon, Bill Langlois, Richard Sarsfield and others.

Frank was a frequent tournament winner. The most memorable win for me was in an event at the Nationals called the National Industrial Teams in which everyone had to work for the same company. Our team consisted of Frank, Ron Hamilton, Norm Friedman and me. Frank was already a Life Master, but the other three of us all became Life-Masters upon winning the event. In the final session we had a 94% game! Our top results in other Nationals were a 3rd Overall in both the Men’s Life Master Pairs and the Blue Ribbon Pairs.

Frank, I’ll miss you!

Top Ten Games May 11-June10



Celso & Ching Ravelo

6/3 Late



Mich Ravera - Bill Garfield

6/10 Eve



Behrooz Tofighrad - Mike Sullivan

5/16 Eve



Robert Freitas - Lu Weakland

6/5 PM



Kit Humphrey - Bill Langlois

6/10 AM



Kit Humphrey - Henri Farhi

5/12 Eve



Helen Mitchell - Billie Mechanic

6/7 AM



Karen O'Connell - Joy Baker

6/4 Eve



Frances Dickman - Diane Shannon

5/20 AM



Art Fonda - Susan Cook

5/18 AM

Text Box: Late May – Early June Winners

Full game results and some hand records are available at http://www.sjbridge.org/cal.php

Sunday 5:20 PM San Jose Bridge Center (SJBC)


Behrooz Tofighrad - Mike Sullivan A 69.28%
Ray & Maxine Lubow A
Randy Rice - Mary Harvel B/C
Ben & Fia Bosklopper B/C


John Prior - Joe Chui A 65.28%
Frank Napolitan - Ursula Gueldner A
Manju Agarwal - Raghu Agarwal B/C
Kat Wesolowska - Nadia Nilsson B/C


Nancy & Tom Cadwell A
Behrooz Tofighrad - Mike Sullivan A
Norma Epler - Nadia Nilsson B
Belinda & Jennifer Gu C
Shih-Wei Lu - Jean Chiu B


Frank Napolitan - Ursula Gueldner A 65.50%
Carol & Keith Burnett B
Mary Harvel - Randy Rice C

Monday 11:00 AM SJBC


Josephine Cooley - Harriet Rounds A/B
Bill Yetter - David Gambelin A/B
Andrew Wulfhorst - Jim Wulfhorst C


Andrew Wulfhorst - Jim Wulfhorst A/B/C
Susan Cook - Kit Humphrey A/B


Lynn Yokel - Ronald Siegrist A/B
Billee Giansiracusa - Madie Horton A/B


Helen Mitchell - Billie Mechanic A 66.44%
Richmond - W Riester Jr A
George Wuschnig - Earl Wentworth B/C
Bill Yetter - David Gambelin B

Monday 7:30 PM SJBC


Joseph Poppo - Peggy Sprague
Eryl Barker - Val Mason


Hiram Shen - Gail Meikle
Jesse Merlin - Matt Rollefson


Eric Yang - Leon W. Lee
Jennifer Gu - NongYu Li


Hisae Izushima - David Gehrt
Nadia Nilsson - Rekha Nirula

Tuesday 10:30 AM SJBC


David Gambelin - Gigi Spinazze A/B
Kit Humphrey - Robert Ritz A
Lee Tsai - Cassandra Leung C
Sidney Safir - Malcolm Stewart B/C


Art Fonda - Susan Cook A/B 65.76%
Tania Moalem - Frank Warzek A


Frances Dickman - Diane Shannon A
Norma Black - Consorcia/Ching Ravelo A
Lynn Yokel - Gigi Spinazze B
Malcolm Stewart - Ruth Sporer B/C
Judith Clark - Gabriele Pani C


Charlie Dorn - Tina Pearson A
Consorcia/Ching Ravelo - Norma Black A
Richard Sarsfield - Jim Tseng B


Judy Fisher - Bonnie Beardsley A
Norman Wang - Jim Tseng B/C
Kathleen Keener - Madie Horton A
David Gambelin - Gigi Spinazze B


Tuesday 7:30 PM SJBC


Daren Kuo - Kou-Ping Cheng A
Rita Tingley - Bernard Bertonis A
Boris Ginzburg - Victor Rivkin B
Eric Yang - Erin Gove B
Phyllis Vierra - Lynn Brown C


Rollin Cutts - Paul Chang A
Kit Humphrey - Henri Farhi A
Z Kadah - Kamen Nedeltchev B/C
Stan Batiste - Joel Koransky B/C


Z Kadah - Kamen Nedeltchev A/B
Derek Fiero - Teddi Fiero A/B


Kit Humphrey - Bill Langlois A
Z Kadah - Kamen Nedeltchev B/C
Kenneth Yip - Andy Andrews A/B/C


Kou-Ping Cheng - Daren Kuo A
Erin Gove - Eric Yang A/B
NongYu Li - Cai Gao B/C


Wednesday 11:00 AM SJBC


Sabina Siem - Candy Wentworth A/B/C
Elaine Erickson - Alan Becker A
Joan Simpson - Dan Hoffman
Victor Rivkin - Malcolm Stewart B
Randee Palmer - Allen Wolman


Marion Wentzien - Irv Wentzien A/B/C
Lynn Whelan - Randee Palmer A/B/C
Elizabeth Moley - Judi Carollo A/B
Gabriellla Bowling - Ricardo Jastremski C


Henne Fredkin - Ruth Wiseman A/B/C
Elaine Erickson - Alan Becker A/B
Donna Armstrong - Steve Barasch A/B/C
Rita Tingley - Candy Wentworth C


Constance Dunckelmann - Timothy White A/B
Joan Simpson - Dan Hoffman A/B
Judith Clark - Keith Burnett C
Henne Fredkin - Ruth Wiseman A/B/C


Ruth Sporer - Maureen Ellenberg A/B
Bruce Scott - Jesse Merlin A/B/C
Jan Kiernan - Patricia Yelvington A/B/C

Wednesday 7:00 PM SJBC


Kit Humphrey - Henri Farhi A 67.20%
Ruth Froeberg - John Harley B
Derek & Teddi Fiero A/B/C


Carole Dietz - Alice Hopkins A
Jiang Chen - NongYu Li A/B/C
Stephen Tu - Bruce Blakely B


Michael Fleisher - Edward Barlow A
Panette Talia - Frances Dickman A
Ruth Froeberg - John Harley B


Robert Ritz - Mike Cailean A
Steve Conaway - John Wachsman B/C


Neal Webb - Bill Langlois A
NongYu Li - Jiang Chen A/B
Lynn Yokel - Annette Powers B


Wednesday 7:30 PM Oakwood


David Gambelin - Helen Mitchell A

Marilyn Campbell - Dan Oneal B

Rekha Nirula - Melinda Foos A/B

Rita Randolph - Shirley Anderson C

Pam Woods - Mich Ravera C


Abby Aldecoa - Larry Miller A

Patricia & Richard Bader A/B/C

Shirley Anderson - Rita Randolph B/C


Bill Sumner - Gregory Haardt A/B 65.15%

Steve Bosma - Jack Clinch A

Marilyn Campbell - Dan Oneal B

Barbara Soohoo - Nancy Nakamura


Celso & Consorcia Ravelo A/B 75.21%

Mario & Connie Vazquez A/B

Patricia & Richard Bader C

Daniel Rappaport  - Matt Moore C


Ted Finlayson - Elaine Elkin A/B

David Gambelin - Helen Mitchell A

Dan Rappaport - Matt Moore C

Mervin & Shirley Falk B/C

Thursday 10:30 AM SJBC


Kit Humphrey - Bill Langlois A
Frances Dickman - Diane Shannon A


Frances Dickman - Diane Shannon A 65.78%
Billee Giansiracusa - Rose Meltzer A
Y.E. Chen - Chi Yung Lin B


Dan Turkus - Derek Fiero A 65.23%
Earl Wentworth - George Wuschnig B/C


Carole Dietz - Tina Pearson A
Billee Giansiracusa - Madie Horton B

Thursday 7:00 PM SJBC


Dick Pitzer - Bill Garfield A/B
Heather Cutting - Paul Vevera A


Joel Koransky - Stan Batiste A/B/C
Mike Sullivan - Dan Rappaport A/B
Bill Garfield -
Mich Ravera C


Celso Ravelo - Consorcia/Ching Ravelo A
Eric Yang - Leon W. Lee A
Ron Baron - Alexander Tampilang B
Rekha Nirula - John Prior B/C


Consorcia/Ching Ravelo - Celso Ravelo A
Mike Sullivan - Dan Rappaport A
Judy Travis - Bill Garfield B/C
Andre Dermant - Fred Kurzweil B

Friday 11:00 AM SJBC


Doris Oelberg - Consorcia/Ching Ravelo
Hugh Roberts - Harry Shannon


Richard Jacobs - Malcolm Stewart
Carol &- Mark Maggipinto


Jean Franke - Marilyn Payne
Charlotte Miller - Harriet Rounds


Dan Turkus - Raja Smadi
Judith Clark - Keith Burnett

Friday 7:00 PM SJBC


Hemant Mandpe - Shaila Mandpe A
Donna Webb - Gail Meikle B
Joel Koransky - Maria Allo A/B
Judy Travis - Bill Garfield C
Ed Sutton - Martha Sutton C


Mary Harvel - Randy Rice A/B/C
Judy Travis - Bill Garfield A/B/C



5-way Tie



Karen O'Connell - Joy Baker A 66.27%
Judy Travis - Bill Garfield B/C
Norma Epler - Martin Anding A/B
Anna & Wayne Menuz C


Saturday 12:45 PM SJBC


Margaret Lamey - Jean Bogosian
Dan Hoffman - Sheila Goldshine


Irv Wentzien - Marion Wentzien
Eric Yang - Malcolm Stewart


Edward Makowski - Margot Livenspargar
Leslie Durkee - Alexander Tampilang


Robert Freitas - Lu Weakland 68.78%
Ray Crist - Sandra Pallotti


                 Idioter’s Corner

Baseball legend Tommy Lasorda once said, “I’ve decided that I’m going to stop telling other people about my problems because 80% of the people to whom you tell your problems don’t care and the other 20% are happy that you have those problems.”

I was reminded of this at the recent Regional tournament in Sacramento. In one case I learned what may be a valuable lesson at the expense of two extremely nice guys (with whom I had actually intended to team up). Bill Root was right when he said, “The juiciest penalties often come from doubling low level contracts.” After my first ever strong 1♣ opener, my LHO overcalled 1♠. My partner doubled for penalties and opponents were -1100 before they were even sure that they were at the right table. Of course, on the very next board, opponents suddenly acquired a bit of timidity and failed to compete on a shapely hand where both sides could make game. Natural single suited overcalls against opponents’ strong opening bids are off my card – permanently.

I also learned that Mr. Root was right when he warned “Don’t double the only contract that you can beat.” Two days earlier in that same tournament we had opponents who properly followed this advice. My partner and I bid to a ridiculous 4NT that just begged to be doubled. Opponents, however, recognized the wisdom and comedy of letting go of the rope and watching us fall all over ourselves. Can you say “Down ten”? I knew that you could! Yes, I should have rescued, but how bad can it be? Well, now you know!

Of course, a few minutes later, I learned the wisdom of making sure that you understand all of the implications of your options before exercising them. The auction had proceeded as follows:

Nice Lady           Friend           Nice Guy              Me

       1♣                  Pass                  1♥                 2♥ (1)

   2♥ (TD)

1)       Preemptive in the other two suits

TD)  Director called at this point

Nice Lady decided to pass and bar her partner from bidding for the rest of the auction. Well, this wouldn’t be worthy of comment if I didn’t get to play 2♥ in a 3-2 fit, now would it?

So, the moral of the story is that the most important lessons that you learn at the Bridge table may be in seeing the humor of your own faults. It’s best to leave opponents with both smiles and zeros. If you can’t achieve that, how about just a grin and an average minus or two? You’ll win a lot of events with a 60% -- and a lot of friends with a grin!

The Di-Rek’Tor

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Unit 507 Club Games



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Phone (408)


5:20 pm

0-499 Stratified

(Lesson: 5:00 pm)

Monthly Potluck: 4:30 pm

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

Open Stratified Hand records


Bill Traver



7:30 pm

0-499 Handicapped

(Lesson: 7:10 pm)

Al Becker



10:30 am

Open Stratified Hand Records Super Chart


Judy Fisher / Carole Dietz

395-0032 / 395-6360


7:30 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records


Neal Webb / Ray Yuenger

243-9132 / 379-7717


11:00 am

Two Sections: Open and 0-299 Stratified Hand Records


Rita Tingley / Bernie Bertonis



7:30 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records

At Oakwood


Bill Traver



7:00 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records Super Chart


Jim Hayashi / Anne Boboricken

292-2370 / 379-2805


10:30 am

Open Hand Records Super Chart

Jim Hayashi / Anne Boboricken

292-2370 / 379-2805


10:00 am

0-100 at the Belmont Village

Ray Crist



7:00 pm

0-999 Stratified (Topics: 6:40 pm)

See Sunday

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

0-999 Handicapped

 (Review: 2:30 pm)

See Monday

Al Becker



7:00 pm

0-200 Stratified (Lesson: 6:30 pm) One “Teacher Lifeline” Hand Records

George Pledger / Carole Dietz

249-2674 / 395-6360


12:45 pm

0-2000 Handicapped

See Monday

Al Becker


All games are held at the San Jose Bridge Center (408-871-1232) at one W. Campbell Ave, Room J-68, inside the Campbell Community Center except those identified as “in Sunnyvale”, “at Belmont Village”, and “at Oakwood. The Oakwood game is held at the Oakwood Garden Apartments, 700 Saratoga Ave, San Jose. The Belmont Village game is held at Belmont   at 1039 E. El Camino Real between Wolfe Rd and Lawrence Expressway. The Evergreen game is held at BridgePointe Retirement center at 4855 San Felipe Rd, San Jose.

All games allow methods and systems permitted by the ACBL General Convention Chart. Those identified as “MidChart” or “Super Chart” also permit methods authorized by those charts with proper disclosure.

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Games are often reduced, relaxed, or cancelled during local tournaments.