499er Potluck

Sun 4/25 4:30PM

Club Championship

Tue 3/30 7:30PM

Team STaC Week

5/1-7 Section Rated


Special Unit Games

Special STaC in May


Membership Dinner Mid-June



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Prez Sez by Dan Turkus

Sorry I'm late getting this to Mich, but I was hoping to be able to announce when we are going to have our Unit Membership dinner/game.  As yet, that date is not set, but hopefully, I will have set it within the next few days.

Did you know that Bernie and Rita have started a 299er game on Wednesdays that starts at 11:00 AM? Well, all you 299ers, get on down there!  There is also an open game going on at the same time.

Ray Crist has also started a new game at the Villages and has an ACBL Sanction.  You can call Ray at (408) 448-4480.

We had a couple of well attended Unit games.  A Pro/Am that had 15½ tables followed by our Ace of Clubs/Mini McKinney awards game with 12 tables.  All the winners and other participants can be found on or web site: www.sjbridge.org. If you won an award or are due Certificate of accomplishment, and haven't picked it up, you may do so at the club.  The Directors will know where they are, or where they should be.

Next up is our Sectional April 2-4 ant the San Jose Masonic Temple.  Volunteers would be appreciated to help set up tables on Friday at around 11:00 AM.

Also, we can use cookies, sandwiches, or whatever other snacks you can contribute.  I am sure you will be hearing from Tania and Phyllis regarding the above.

See you at the tables.


In Memoriam Don Hayden
by Mich Ravera

A few years ago, I signed up as a student in the mentor program that was being organized at that time and a week or two later I got a call from someone named Don Hayden. We set up a date to play a couple of days later. Don called me to play with him a few times over the last 3 years and finally we got a chance to play together a few weeks ago. I always enjoyed the experience of playing with Don. He was one of the friendliest players in our unit.

In addition to occasionally mentoring me, Don was also a mentor to at least 3 or 4 other people. It seemed that he enjoyed seeing others improve.

I am told that Don was basically the founder of what eventually became Oakwood Bridge Club. He played there every Wednesday that he was able.

Our unit and our game are much better off because of Don.  He will be sorely missed.

Santa Clara Valley Sectional

April 2-4 at Masonic Lodge

Location: Masonic Lodge in San Jose (map below)

2500 Masonic Drive, San Jose

Directions: Hwy 280 to Guadalupe Pky (Hwy 87) south, Exit Curtner Ave, turn right, Immediate 1st left at light onto Canoas Gardens, 1st right on Masonic, up the hill to the end!

Lots of free parking and coffee

Game Times

Friday:      1:00 PM and 7:30 PM (GNT Flight B, 7 PM)

Saturday: 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM

Sunday:   11:00 AM and approximately 3:30PM


Friday:      Single session pairs (play one or both, if you can)

Saturday:  All day Pairs (overall awards for 2-session scores)
Single sessions 0-200
Single sessions available in Open
0-20 game with trophy at 1:00 PM only.

Sunday:   All day Teams

Speaker:    Bill Langlois, Saturday 12:15PM

Topic:         Bad Advice

For other details and to volunteer to help contact:
Tania Moalem 993-0265 & Phyllis Vierra 248-8365

Partnerships and New Players:

George Pledger 249-2674 & Mich Ravera 432-1020


Text Box: Late February – Early March Winners

Sunday 2/29 12 Noon Pro-Am Unit Game

Eric Yang – Maxine Lubow
Michael Fleisher - John Williams

Sunday 3/7 12 Noon AoC-MiniMc Unit Game

Marolyn Imaoka-Yancey - Mike Roney A 66.54%
Edward Lee - Bill Langlois A
Jane Casciano - Raja Smadi B/C
Eric Yang - Malcolm Stewart B

Sunday 5:20 PM San Jose Bridge Center (SJBC)


Maxine & Ray Lubow A 68.08%
Dmitri Silaev - Faye Parsons A
Manju & Raghu Agarwal B/C
Awtar & Birendar Singh B
Ben & Fia Bosklopper C


Eric Yang - Erin Gove A 66.07%
Maxine & Ray Lubow A
Nancy & Tom Cadwell B
Belinda & Jennifer Gu C
Dick & Ellie Hall-Pitzer B


Bill Garfield - Fred Kurzweil A/B/C 66.15%
Shirley Foreman - Rekha Nirula A/B

Monday 11:00 AM SJBC


Dan Turkus - Bill Traver A/B
Carole Dietz - Judy Fisher A
Bev Rennie - Coline Maclean B


Billie Mechanic - Helen Mitchell A 70.53%
Ted Richmond - W Riester Jr A 65.76%
Andrew Wulfhorst - Jim Wulfhorst B/C
Art Fonda - Dan Turkus B


Faye Parsons - George Humphrey A
Dolores Clinch - Jack Clinch A
Katherine Maxfield - Gigi Spinazze A/B
Frances Dickman - Diane Shannon A
Bert Hsu - Boyer Chu B
Kai Hsi - Paul Chang B
Kit Humphrey - Susan Cook B
Alexander Tampilang - Wesley Woo C

Monday 7:30 PM SJBC


Leon W. Lee - Eric Yang 65.87%
Prasad Vepa - Shobhana Shah


Leon W. Lee - Eric Yang
Varsha Vepa - Shobhana Shah


Gail Meikle - Norma Epler
Jewel Schimke - Bob Shannon

Tuesday 10:30 AM SJBC


Judy Fisher - Richard Sarsfield A
Teddi Fiero - Dolores Clinch A
Kathleen Keener - Madie Horton B
Tania Moalem - Dana Brown B


Missy Coy - Bill Yetter A
Norman Riley - Harry Cuzner A/B
Bernard Hoyt - Julie Joyce B


Paul Nelson – Read Kitson A/B 69.71%
Beverly Wright - Jean Power A/B
Bernard Hoyt - Julie Joyce C


Jim Hayashi – Rose Meltzer A
David Gambelin - Bill Yetter B
Doris Oelberg - Harry Cuzner A/B


Diane Shannon - Lynn Yokel A
David Gambelin - Gigi Spinazze B
Tania Moalem - Dana Brown A
Bernard Hoyt - Julie Joyce B/C
Morey Goldstein - Rita Randolph C


Tuesday 7:30 PM SJBC


Rollin Cutts - Paul Chang A
Laura Walters -
Lorraine Rodich B/C


Rita Tingley - Sabina Siem A/B
Mike Roney - John Prior A
Victor Rivkin - Boris Ginzburg B


Gary Porter - Judy Fisher A 67.59%
Robert Madalena - John Schoenbrun A
Richard Jacobs - Eric Yang B
Z Kadah - Bassam Baroudi B/C


Jewel Schimke - Shirley Foreman A/B/C
Stuart Goodgold - Robert Ritz A
Joan Rouse - Robert Rouse B


Robert Ritz – Stuart Goodgold A
Victor Rivkin - Boris Ginzburg A/B
Derek Fiero - Teddi Fiero B

Wednesday 10:30 AM SJBC


Victor Rivkin - Malcolm Stewart A/B/C 66.88%
Carol Woodward - Nadia Nilsson A/B/C


Missy Coy - Bill Yetter A 69.08%
John Hornback - Sioux Atkinson B/C 65.08%
Dolores Clinch - Barbara Barlow A
Richard Jacobs - Paul Nelson B


Jan Adamiak - Erin Gove A/B 65.62%
Sheri Archer - Karen Hunt C


Rita Tingley - Timothy White A/B
Birendar Singh - Awtar Singh C
Nancy Cadwell - Mei Wu A/B
Jan Adamiak - Erin Gove C
Phyllis Meyercord - Diane Holmquist A/B/C

Wednesday 7:00 PM SJBC


Tania Moalem - Richard Sarsfield A
Karam Ashoo - John Hoffman A
Annette Powers - Lynn Yokel B


Judy Fisher - Larry Wagner A 74.77%
Anne Boboricken - Edward Barlow A
Melinda Foos - Michael Fleisher B


Stuart Goodgold - John Hoffman A
Mansoor Gowani - Raymond Yuenger A
Ruth Froeberg - John Harley B


Victor Rivkin - Karam Ashoo A/B/C
Mike Roney - John Prior A

Wednesday 7:30 PM Oakwood


Joseph Chui - Renee Perry A/B/C

Elaine Erickson - Paul Chang A

Elaine Elkin - Ted Finlayson B


Dan Turkus - Erin Gove A 70.24%

Gary Ratts - H Zoellner B/C

Rita Randolph - Shirley Anderson A/B/C


Shirley Foreman - Richard Jacobs A/B

Joan & Robert Rouse C

Don Hayden -Hossein Selim A/B

Matt Moore - Dan Rappaport C


David Gambelin -Helen Mitchell A

Susan Cook - George Humphrey A/B

Nadine Hood - Judy Travis B

Mich Ravera - Pam Woods C

Anne Dudman - Val Abid C


Celso & Ching Ravelo A/B 
Elaine Erickson - Paul Chang A       
Connie & Mario Vazquez  B
Eric Yang - Erin Gove C
Laura Walters - Lorraine Rodich C

Thursday 10:30 AM SJBC


Frank Warzek - Richard Sarsfield 68.75%
Tania Moalem - Prue Saunders


Gary Yang – Boyer Chu A/B
Dolores Clinch - Jack Clinch A


Frank Warzek - Diane Shannon A
Tania Moalem - Carole Dietz A/B
Prue Saunders - Mostafa Hafezi B
Paul Amato - Jim Wulfhorst C

Thursday 7:00 PM SJBC


Richard Jacobs - Ron Baron A
Alexander Tampilang - John Prior A
Joseph Poppo -
Mich Ravera B
Pete Read - Bill Garfield C


Dmitri Silaev - Mich Ravera A/B
Stan Batiste - Joel Koransky A/B


Richard Jacobs - Ron Baron A
Carol Woodward - Nadia Nilsson B/C
Eric Yang - Leon W. Lee A
Sharon Sava -
Mich Ravera B
Pete Read - Bill Garfield C

Friday 11:00 AM SJBC


Janice Scott - Molly Kaufman


Awtar Singh - Birendar Singh
Irv Wentzien - Marion Wentzien


Fung Bao – Doreen Hornback
Helen Tseng - Jim Tseng


Terry Hall - Anne Diesel
Molly Kaufman - Janice Scott

Friday 7:00 PM SJBC


Jewel Schimke - Bob Shannon A
Maralyn Smith - Fia Bosklopper B/C
Randy Rice - Mary Harvel A/B/C


Bill Garfield - Mich Ravera A
Maralyn Smith - Fia Bosklopper B/C
Mary Harvel - Randy Rice A/B/C


Donna Webb – Gail Meikle A/B
Judy Travis - Raja Smadi A/B
Ed Sutton - Martha Sutton C


Nathalie Guiragossian - Raja Smadi A
Jewel Schimke - Bob Shannon A
Donna Webb - Gail Meikle B/C
Jo Murray - Erma McCrory B/C

Saturday 12:45 PM SJBC


Irv & Marion Wentzien 74.65%


Judy Travis - Nadine Hood
Dan Hoffman - Sheila Goldshine


Mich Ravera – John Prior 69.01%
David Gambelin - Judi Carollo


Richard Jacobs - Hiram Shen
Awtar & Birendar Singh


Top Ten Games Feb 11-Mar 10



Judy Fisher - Larry Wagner

2/25 Eve



Irv & Marion Wentzien

2/14 PM



Billie Mechanic - Helen Mitchell

3/1 AM



Dan Turkus - Erin Gove

2/18 Late



Paul Nelson - Read Kitson

2/24 AM



Missy Coy - Bill Yetter

2/25 AM



Mich Ravera - John Prior

2/28 PM



Frank Warzek - Richard Sarsfield

2/19 AM



Maxine & Ray Lubow

2/22 Eve



Gary Porter - Judy Fisher

2/24 Eve



The Worst Ruling Ever?  by Alan Becker

Perhaps it’s been happening only to me (I doubt it), but over the years I have seen real injustice in the form of illegal action by high level players and equally bad rulings by directors (intimidated or otherwise).

The last hand in the Charity Pairs game at the San Mateo Regional will do well to illustrate my point.

East holding ♠ATx ♥KQJxx ♦xx ♣Jxx opened 1 and the auction proceeded as follows:

      Dealer: W Vulnerable: N-S

     North          West            South          East

       Me                                           Well-known Player

                   Pass            Pass             1♥

        2♠               3♥               Pass          Pass

        3♠            Pass (1)       Pass          4♥ (TD)

1)             20 or more second hesitation

TD)      Director called at this point


After my 2♠ overcall and 3♠ balancing call, my LHO hesitated for over 20 seconds (an eternity in Tournament Bridge) and then passed. The opener, still holding the same 11 Total Points, then decided to bid 4♥. The director was called and, when the smoke cleared, allowed the 4♥ call to stand. As a director, I must say that this was the worst ruling I have seen in the 20 years that I have been aware of such things. Whether the fact that the offending player had more than 9000 masterpoints was a factor in this decision will likely never be known. However, this sort of experience is as good a reason as any for me to avoid most big tournaments. I can live without this sort of experience, thank you!

                 Idioter’s Corner

The theme song from the monochrome era broadcast video presentation “Mr. Ed” indicated that the horse would never speak unless he had something to say. It is with this theme in mind that I happily welcome back Al Becker’s words to these pages. His article is about how the rules against using unauthorized information are unevenly applied. It is my understanding that Bill Langlois will speak about UI at our Sectional Tournament.

A bit over a year ago, Dan commented about a lady who left a portion of her house to the Santa Cruz Bridge Club.  A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to play in the GNT qualifying event at the facility that came of that testament. It is a nice place to play the game and the organizers of the event get high marks from me. My only complaints are that they ran out of my preferred vehicle of caffeine ingestion and that they failed to administer the same mind altering drugs to the Stanford team that apparently were administered to us before the semis. These two deficiencies in running qualifying event certainly impacted the outcome. I have lodged a formal complaint with the proper authorities about both of these matters.

As to the Stanford team who whipped my team soundly and then proceeded to run over us repeatedly with a minivan, my only hope is that they win it all. Dan, are you SURE that you want to get a challenge from Palo Alto?

The Di-Rek’Tor

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Monthly Potluck: 4:30 pm

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

Open Stratified Hand records


Bill Traver



7:30 pm

0-499 Handicapped

(Lesson: 7:10 pm)

Al Becker



10:30 am

Open Stratified Hand Records Super Chart


Judy Fisher / Carole Dietz

395-0032 / 395-6360


7:30 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records


Neal Webb / Ray Yuenger

243-9132 / 379-7717


11:00 am

Two Sections: Open and 0-299 Stratified Hand Records

Rita Tingley



6:30 pm

Open (in Sunnyvale)


Janet McDonald



7:30 pm

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At Oakwood


Bill Traver



7:00 pm

Open Stratified Hand Records Super Chart


Jim Hayashi / Anne Boboricken

292-2370 / 379-2805


10:30 am

Open Hand Records Super Chart

Jim Hayashi / Anne Boboricken

292-2370 / 379-2805


7:00 pm

0-999 Stratified (Topics: 6:40 pm)

See Sunday

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

0-999 Handicapped

 (Review: 2:30 pm)

See Monday

Al Becker



7:00 pm

0-200 Stratified (Lesson: 6:30 pm) One “Teacher Lifeline” Hand Records

George Pledger / Carole Dietz

249-2674 / 395-6360


12:45 pm

0-2000 Handicapped

See Monday

Al Becker


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