Tuesday Night Club Championship

9/17 7:30 PM


Wednesday Night Club Championship

9/25 7:00 PM


Thursday Morning Club Championship

9/26 10:30 AM


Santa Clara Sectional

Masonic Lodge

September 27-29

Cancelled Games:

SJBC Sun 9/29 PM

SJBC Sun 9/29 Eve





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Prez Sez                     by Dan Turkus

I hope you all did well at the Regional. It was really something to see so many of our people wearing their badges, or should I say personalized jewelry.  Thank you Sherry Waki for going to the trouble of getting us all signed up, and labeled! Quite a few of our members scored over 30 points at the event(s). So many of you had Section firsts that they ran out of mugs! I would like to congratulate (your name here) for winning the (name of the event that you won). Good show!  Now did I miss anyone? Lately, my partners have been saying to me, I can't play good Bridge unless glassware is involved. I remember when I was first starting at Bridge, getting 10 points in a whole year seemed like a struggle, and then seeing people win that many and more in one Regional event, left me in awe. Well, your day will come before you know it, if it hasn't already!

From the ACBL: You will still have to announce your 1NT opening point range. Many of us were hoping they would abandon this announcement, but apparently it is here to stay.

When you are at the club, pick up a brochure for our next Sectional (September 27th - 29th), and pick your favorite partners for some challenging events.  The brochures are bright "hot" yellow, currently on top of the computer.  This Sectional will have lots of great competition, and last years World Champions will answer any of your Bridge questions for a dollar.  Look out for them (our World Champions) at the Sectional, and have a great question for them. Also, our speaker, Peter Weischel, will be speaking Saturday afternoon, giving tips about how one can hold their own against the better players.

For the Sectional, we need a few volunteers to assist in setting up the tables on Friday Sept. 27th around 11:00 AM. 

Also, mark your calendar for the North American Open Pairs (NAOP) playoffs at the club on, October 20th.  First of two sessions will be at noon.

Do you want to be a Director?  Talk to Ray Yuenger for how to obtain a home study course.

That's it for this month, so I'll see ya at the tables


Thanks Eric! by Ray Yuenger

The Club wants to thank Eric Ge Yang for donating a new computer to the club. We will now be able to transmit results directly to the ACBL.







£100 for Mr. Webb                
100 Lumps for Mr. Head       
                          by Neil Webb
  with Michael Angelo Ravera

In a team game in August, Neil Webb held a hand that is just about the worst possible. His distribution was 4-3-3-3 with four clubs and he held no card higher than an eight. A hand like this comes along about once in every hundred thousand hands or so. This hand was manually dealt. It is possible that Neil even dealt it to himself.

Bridge Legend has it that the Earl of Yarborough offered a consolation prize of one hundred pounds for anyone in the club who received such a hand. Back in those days, £100 was a lot of green (OK, so UK money wasn’t really green, but stay with me on this one). I’m certain Neil showed plenty of green at the table during this hand. Chances are that it looked something like this: .

No thanks, Neil! I would rather have that hand that appears on the front of those ID badges. According to the laws of probability I will have to wait, on the average, for Neil to get this £100 hand about one hundred thousand times before I get one of those hands. I hope that my opponents pick that hand to psych a 1NT opener ahead of me, if I ever get such a hand.



Text Box: August WinnersSunday 5:20 PM, San Jose Bridge Center (SJBC)


Ben & Fia Bosklopper A/B/C 73.50%


Richard Jacobs - Tom Coleman A

Bob & Nancy Ward A/B/C

Shirley Foreman - Marilyn Bliss B


Irene & William Price A/B

Sherry Waki - Rita Randolph A

Carol Burnett - Keith Burnett C

Ben & Fia Bosklopper B/C


Irene & William Price A/B

Leon W. Lee - Eric Yang A

Li Zhao - Craig Tsui C

Alexander Tampilang - Shane De Zilwa B



Monday 11:00 AM SJBC


Tina Pearson - Glenda Ciochon A

Maxine & Ray Lubow B/C

Jane Casciano - Raja Smadi A/B/C


Melinda Foos - Gigi Spinazze A/B 65.06%

Trina Bowman - Faye Parsons A

Bert Hsu - George Pledger B


Ted Richmond - W Riester Jr A 66.19%

N Hatfield - Tania Moalem A

Richard Kilner - H Zoellner B

Sidney Safir - Paul Nelson B

Elizabeth Moley - Judi Carollo C


Frances Dickman - Charlie Dorn A

Andy Kridl - Ted Richmond A

Bert Hsu - George Pledger B

Joyce Sogg - Doris Oelberg B

Fung Bao - Raja Smadi C



Monday 7:30 PM SJBC


Mike Sullivan – Ron Laffen 67.35%

Jewel Schimke – Shirley Foreman


Mike Sullivan - Stan Batiste

Eric Yang - Leon W. Lee


Stacie Bowman - Elizabeth Strasen


Leon W. Lee - Eric Yang 68.23%



Tuesday 10:30 AM SJBC


Jyme Schmieder - Rose Meltzer A

Beverly Wright - Jean Power B

Sabina Siem - Timothy White A/B

Andrew & Jim Wulfhorst C

Norman Riley - Harry Cuzner C


Jyme Schmieder - Rose Meltzer A 71.43%

Tania Moalem - Dana Brown B

N Hatfield - Frances Dickman A

Rollin Cutts - Stanford Field B/C


Charlie Dorn - Diane Shannon A

Rollin Cutts - Stanford Field A/B

Larry Wagner - Larry Mohr B


Art Fonda - Josephine Cooley A/B



Tuesday 7:30 PM SJBC


Jeffrey Hu - Kou-Ping Cheng A

Sabina Siem - Rita Tingley A/B

Victor Rivkin - Boris Ginzburg B

Awtar & Birendar Singh C

Mike Kadish - Eric Yang C


Mike Cailean - Ashraf El-Sadi A

Peter Sun - Xiaodong Zhang B

Gary Porter - Judy Fisher A

Kit Humphrey - Henri Farhi B


Gary MacGregor - Franklin Lowenthal A 66.76%

Shih-Ming Shih - Michael Fleisher B

Dan Turkus - George Humphrey A/B

Stan Batiste - Keith McMahan C


Wednesday 10:30 AM SJBC


Victor Rivkin - Timothy White A/B

Bert Hsu - Y.E. Chen A/B

Peter Kao - Leon W. Lee C


Gary Yang - Boyer Chu A

Malcolm Stewart - Victor Rivkin B

Peter Kao - Leon W. Lee C


Barbara Barlow - Dolores Clinch A

Ruth Sporer - Maureen Ellenberg B/C


Wednesday 7:00 PM SJBC


Franklin Lowenthal - Edward Barlow A

Gigi Spinazze - Raymond Yuenger A/B

Michael Fleisher - Guy Gecht B/C


Heather Cutting - Gary MacGregor A

Jim O'Neil - Franklin Lowenthal A

Victor Rivkin - Boris Ginzburg B

Paul Nelson - Edward Lee B

Greg Dougherty - Tom Dougherty C

Mike Sullivan - Alexander Tampilang C


Will Watson - Leila Sink A

Neal Webb - Raymond Yuenger A/B

Srinivasan Ravindran - Dana Brown B


Wednesday 7:30 PM Oakwood


Melinda Foos – George Pledger A/B

Florence Golden – Don Hayden A

Donald Perry – Hiram Shen C

Tom Snouse – Vibeke Gilbreath B

Andrew & Jim Wulfhorst C


Abby Aldecoa – Larry Miller A

Florence Golden – Don Hayden A

Laura Walters – Dan Oneal B

Richard Jacobs – Donald Perry B


Dan Oneal – Marilyn Campbell A/B

Richard Jacobs – Donald Perry A/B

Sharon Grandfield – Ray Crist C (Tie)

Ted Finalyson – Cathy Stahler C (Tie)


Thursday 10:30 AM SJBC


Barbara Harkleroad - N Hatfield

Kit Humphrey - Bill Langlois


Frances Dickman - Diane Shannon A 65.05%

Kathleen Keener - N Hatfield A

Tony Staw - Gigi Spinazze B

Y.E. Chen - Gary Yang B


Richard Sarsfield - Douglas Hong A/B

Ted Richmond - Andy Kridl A

Maxine & Ray Lubow B/C


Ivan Rose - N Hatfield

Frank Warzek - Olive Tangney

More Results

Thursday 7:00 PM SJBC


Kai Hsi - Paul Chang A 67.26%

Richard Jacobs - Tom Coleman A

Gerry & Joan Piaget B

Matt Moore - Herb Jubin B/C


Jane Casciano - Joy Baker A/B

Richard Jacobs - Tom Coleman A

Ron Baron - Carl Rudd B/C

Ben & Fia Bosklopper C


Ellie Hall & Dick Pitzer A/B/C

Irene & William Price A/B

Marilyn Bliss - Gail Meikle C


Mike Sullivan - Eric Yang A/B 66.08%

Gerry & Joan Piaget A/B


Friday 11:00 AM SJBC


Maureen Ellenberg - Ruth Sporer 65.50%

Stan Batiste - John Swindlehurst


Awtar & Birendar Singh

Leon W. Lee - Karel Wong


Helen & Jim Tseng

Morey Goldstein - Sherry Waki


Irv & Marion Wentzien

Awtar & Birendar Singh


Saturday 12:45 PM SJBC


Mildred & Russell Brewer

Joe & Sandi Barletta


Doris Oelberg - Florence Golden

Tom Coleman - Eric Yang


Mildred & Russell Brewer

Irv & Marion Wentzien


David Gambelin - Ted Ujifusa

Richard Jacobs - Mike Sullivan




Top Ten Games

1.    73.50% Ben & Fia Bosklopper 8/4 Eve

2.    71.43% Jyme Schmieder - Rose Meltzer 8/13 AM

3.    68.23% Leon W. Lee - Eric Yang 8/26 Eve

4.    67.35% Mike Sullivan – Ron Laffen 8/5 Eve

5.    67.26% Kai Hsi - Paul Chang 8/1 Eve

6.    66.76% Gary MacGregor - Franklin Lowenthal 8/20 Eve

7.    66.19% Ted Richmond - W Riester Jr 8/19 AM

8.    66.08% Mike Sullivan - Eric Yang 8/22 Eve

9.    65.50% Maureen Ellenberg - Ruth Sporer 8/2 AM

10. 65.06% Melinda Foos - Gigi Spinazze 8/12 AM


Sorry, Joyce!

Contrary to last month’s report, Joyce Sogg earned the rank of NABC Master – Not Life Master as reported. We regret any inconvenience that this may have caused.


Challenge Team Captains Announced

The Board at a recent meeting named captains for our challenge team game against the Palo Alto Unit.




Rose Meltzer

Under 2000

Ray Yuenger

Under 750

Gigi Spinazze

Under 300

Sherry Waki

Under 100

Eric Ge Yang



Idioter’s Corner

One of the advantages of editing a newsletter is that one makes it his business to come upon information that is interesting. One of the advantages of the game of Contract Bridge is that you often get to play with champions. One of the advantages of the internet is that people from the other side of the world can share and exchange information.

Well, I was reminded of all of this during a span of a few days earlier this month. I posted a question on the alertability of a certain convention to the newsgroup rec.games.bridge and received an answer from someone named Stephen Tu. A few days later, I was compiling game results for this news letter and discovered that Stephen Tu often played at the San Jose Bridge Center, but didn’t know who he was and actually thought that he was someone else. A few days later, I saw his picture in the Bridge Bulletin along with the rest of the victorious Grand National Team. Of course ,that isn’t the end of it. Who was my opponent in the first round of the Instant Matchpoint Game? You guessed it: Stephen Tu.! I love this game!

 Sometimes when you are searching the whole world for something, you need look no further than your own back yard (or maybe even your own table). Maybe this only happens in San Jose. I love this town!

The Di-Rek’Tor

The Di-Rek’Tor is published monthly by Unit 507 of the American Contract Bridge League, Campbell Community Center, One West Campbell Avenue, Building J-68, Campbell, CA 95008. Opinions in articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Unit Board.


Unit 507 Board Officers


Dan Turkus

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Marshall Yancey


Neal Webb

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George Pledger


Bill Langlois

Unit Recorder

Carole Dietz

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Phylis Vierra

The Di-Rek'Tor Editor

Michael Angelo Ravera


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Jeff Hack

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Sherry Waki








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Matt Moore

Raghaven Tirumala



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Vibeke Gilbreath

Clarence Nofrey



Ray Lubow




Stephen Tu

Please submit contributions for
The Di-Rek’Tor to

Michael Angelo Ravera

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Unit 507 Club Games




Game Type


Phone (408)


1:00 pm

Easy Bridge (0-49 Game)

Faye Parsons



5:20 pm

499er Stratified (Lesson: 5:00 pm)

Monthly Potluck: 4:30 pm

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

Open Stratified Hand records

Bill Traver



7:30 pm

499er Handicapped (Lesson: 7:10 pm)

Al Becker



10:30 am

Open Stratified Hand records

Judy Fisher / Carole Dietz

395-0032 / 395-6360


7:30 pm

Open Stratified Hand records

Neal Webb / Lynn Yokel / Ray Yuenger

243-9132 / 374-4669 / 379-7717


10:30 am

Open Stratified Hand records

Jeanne Becht



6:30 pm

Open (in Sunnyvale)

Janet McDonald



7:00 pm

Open Stratified Hand records

Jim Hayashi / Anne Boboricken

292-2370 / 379-2805


7:30 pm

Open Stratified Hand records

Oakwood Club Temporarily at Fairbrae

Bill Traver



10:30 am

Open Hand records

Jim Hayashi / Anne Boboricken

292-2370 / 379-2805


7:00 pm

999er Stratified (Topics: 6:40 pm)

Faye Parsons



11:00 am

0-800 Handicapped (Review: 2:30 pm)

Al Becker



12:45 pm

0-2000 Handicapped

Al Becker


All games are held at the San Jose Bridge Center (408-871-1232) at one W. Campbell Ave, Room J-68, except those identified as “in Sunnyvale” and “at Oakwood”. The Sunnyvale game is held at 1085 Tasman (2nd Clubhouse), Sunnyvale. The Oakwood game is generally held at the Oakwood Garden Apartments, 700 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, but is temporarily being held at the Fairbrae Swim Club at 696 Sheraton on the corner of Sheraton and Hollenbeck in Sunnyvale. Check club postings or call for the exact dates and times of the Special StaC and Special Sunday games, and of the 499er Potluck. Games are often reduced, relaxed, or cancelled during local tournaments.