Board meeting for unit 507 September 2009


Attending: Mischel Postas, Ray Yuenger, Erin Gove, Eileen Kotecki, Lynn Bartz, Shirley Foreman, Judy Clark, Will Watson


Sec. Report – approved as read.


Treas. Report – 8928.18 total balance in the new account. Approximately  $600 remains in the old account to cover late payments.


ACBL News – Everything is going well in terms of membership. Stockton’s unit will consider dissolving. Former members and unit officers will be asked if they are willing to join Modesto’s unit. The District 21 Santa Clara regional in Sept. showed a slight decline of 20 tables over last year. It is suggested that we should pole the members to see if we can move the evening time to 7:00 pm. There was a unanimous response from the board to have the 7:30 pm start time changed to 7:00 pm. for subsequent regionals in our district.


Mentoring program – There are currently about 20 mentors and about 20 mentees and about 5 on the waiting list for this new mentoring program in our unit.


Fall sectional – We need a group of three to make up boards. October 23d – 25th is the fall sectional.  We will implement an email advertisement through the acbl. Eileen will take all phone calls for the sectional. She will post the “save the date” notice on the bulletin board.


Charity games – It is suggested that there is a need for an audit of the funds that should be given to charities from club and tournament charity games. Motion made that the unit board ask Jeff to write a letter to the owners to remind them of the rules regarding charity games. Motion carries.


Oct 12th team game – Columbus Round Robin teams suggested for the unit game.


Holiday Party – Michel will speak with the community center regarding available dates for the Holliday party.


Director – there is a suggestion made that we cut the “winners’ circle” down and add more articles.


A suggestion is made that the directory be updated: the font is hard to read and several deceased members are in the current directory.