Board Meeting minutes for Oct 2008 for Unit 507 of the ACBL


Attending: Will Watson, Erin Gove John Prior, Eileen Kotecki, John Prior, Ray Yuenger, Dan Oneal, Shirley Foreman, Mich Ravera, Jeff Hack, Stu Goodgold, Lyle Supp


Sec Report Approved as amended.


Tres. Report Balance total: 7105.95. Accepted as read.


Sectional Report the attendance was less than usual due to the change of location. In addition, because of the school hours, the Friday afternoon game was curtailed limiting attendance. This. along with the earlier date may have kept players away as well. The bridge pads allow us to use less caddies. This will give us some cost savings in the future. The food provided at this event was not enough. More water, vegetarian food, desert, sandwiches, and other snacks are necessary. These food issues will fall into place when we return to our usual venue where we will have refrigerators and water.


The NAP game is set for Oct 19 at 11 am


The unit game for Oct. will be a pairs game.


Grand Life Masters We will get photo frames and photos of the grand life masters to post on the wall of our unit.


Nov 10 we will have a unit game honoring Fran for achieving grand life master.


The holiday party will be held Sunday the 14th of Dec. in the Roosevelt room of Campbell community center. Ray will ask about the usual Turkus turkeys.


It was moved that we approve allowing the Palo Alto unit to hold their July sectional at the Santa Clara county convention center. Will and Mich vote against. Eileen, Erin, John, Lyll, Jeff, Shirley, Stu, Ray and Dan vote in favor. Motion carries.