Meeting of the Board for unit 507 May 7 2008.


Attending – Ray Yuenger, Jeff Hack, Dan Turkus, Stu Goodgold, Derek Fierro, Erin Gove, Mich Ravera, Will Watson, Dan O’neal


Secretary’s Report – Accepted as read.


Treasurer’s  Report – $11254.95 Balance. Accepted with the caveat that the expenses for the unit game are correct.


Unit Elections –Continuing in office: Mich, John, Erin, Ray, Will, and Jeff.


Ethics – no new business.


Sectional – No date set, no location found yet. Mich and Stu will explore locations.


ACBL Report – There will be a meeting the 30th of May in Sacramento at the regional. Roger Smith will resign after the Las Vegas meeting.


Membership Dinner – June 8th. Tables will be delivered the Sat. prior. Arrangements will be made for dinner at the Chicken Coop. A motion is made that a maximum be $18 per person will be spent, inclusive of all costs. Motion carries. Moved that the game be free for unit members. Motion carries. Motion made that the dinner be $20 for non unit members and the game will be $8. Attendance at both will be $25 for non-unit members.  Motions carries.


New Business – We will still have the unit game June 9th. This will be a handicap game based on the results from the membership game the night before.


San Jose Bridge Email Group. – People that join will get up to date information about the unit, such as game and director information.