Minutes for Unit 507 Board of Directors meeting July 9, 2008


Present were Dan Turkus, Derek Fiero, Ray Yuenger, Stu Goodgold, Mich Ravera, Will Watson, Joel Koransky, Dan Oneal, Jeff Hack, Shirley Foreman, Lyle Supp, Eileen Kotecki, and John Prior.

Dan T. called the meeting to order and wished Eileen a happy birthday.

The minutes of the June 4 meeting were read and approved.The minutes reflect that Bruce Blakely may be speaking at our September meeting, while he may also show up in August.

The Treasurerís report was read and approved.John explained that he had reconciled the apparent discrepancy in the directorís fee for an earlier unit game.With payments of $2,583.18 for the membership dinner and $2,459.02 to the Campbell Middle School for the sectional, the remaining balance is $5,647.33, with $1,300.00 on deposit with the Masonic Temple for future sectionals.

The Board selected new officers:Ray Yuenger as President, Mich Ravera as Vice-President, with Erin Gove continuing as Secretary, and John Prior continuing as Treasurer.

Ray presented Dan T. with a card and tokens of appreciation (wine and an engraved glass) for 10 years service as President.Derek, before departing, promised to serve as Unit Game Coordinator for the July 14 game.

There was no ethics problem to report.There was no District report.

Jeff Hack explained that we are entitled to hold up to 4 charity games a year.If we hold one, the first one must be dedicated to the ACBL Charity Foundation.Our next may be dedicated to a local charity.We cannot dedicate more games to a local charity than to the Charity Foundation.The anticipated donation is $7 per table.

Regarding the Fall sectional on September 19 through 21, in order to promote the sectional with a flyer at the recent Firecracker sectional, a flyer was circulated to board members and given provisional approval via email.It was printed double-sided, since the original version printed contained some formatting problems.Ray estimated that the room will hold 60 tables, which would accommodate the turnout for the past fall sectional.He explained that there was some extra space on the stage and in an adjoining room if there is a greater turnout.

Shirley Foreman was appointed to continue as unit tournament coordinator.She asked and was advised that the dates for the spring sectional are April 3-5.

A motion was made and approved to revise the flyer to highlight that the CARD phone number is an emergency contact number, not the number for Dianne Barton-Paine, and that the price is $9.00 per session, not per event, and that the fee is $1.00 more for non ACBL members.As revised, this flyer will also be the one posted on our website and linked to the District 21 website.The on-line flyer will also provide a link to a map to the new playing site.Ray will submit the flyer to the Forum paper for inclusion in the September printing.

Regarding the mentoring applications, Mich explained that he has lately gotten applications for mentors from people who could serve as mentors.

There was no decision on what pizza will be brought to future meetings.Ray mentioned that this task might be delegated.

Regarding the next unit games, a motion was made and carried that the 8 is enough team game will be held on September 8, not August 11.The format provides that no team can have more than 8 rating points, with players ranked from 1 (nonLMs with fewer than 500 MPS) to 3(over 1500 MPS).If the turnout allows for stratifying the field, the director will do so.This new format will be publicized in Rayís Forum column and on the website, sjbridge.org.

A motion was made and carried that the August 11 unit game be a stratified open pairs game.Which unit game will honor a player becoming a grand LM depends on that playerís availability.There was discussion about holding a unit STAC game on August 10.

There was a discussion about unit positions becoming available, including the membership chair, unit game coordinator, and new player representative.These are filled by presidential appointment and have descriptions on the ACBL website.Our new board members were invited to think about which positions might suit them.

The meeting was adjourned, with the next meeting scheduled for August 6.