Board meeting


Attending: Will Watson, John Prior, Mich Ravera, Dan Turkus, Ray Yuenger, Jeff Hack, Stu Goodgold, Derek Fierro,


Sec report - Accepted as amended.


Tres Report - Closing Balance 11,085.96. $1100 is on deposit at the Masonic Temple. Accepted as read.


Special Event - Diane and Fran attend to make a presentation regarding a garage sale on June 14th to raise funds for a dealing machine. There is a sign up sheet at the club for volunteers. 415 Sunberry Dr. Campbell will be the location. Bring items for the garage sale and come and help organize and sell. Also trucks will be needed to help bring sale items there. Lynn Shannon will be taking care of advertising. Someone will be needed to hang signs advertising the event. In addition, someone is also needed Friday afternoon and evening to help with pricing and organization. A raffle will be held as well.


Monday Night Game Purchase. The unit may buy the second Monday night. Motion made that the unit purchase the second Monday night game to be used as a unit game with the exception of STAC week. The unit will offer of the price the current owners paid for the game. This motion is amended to say that that the figure of $250 offered to Wendy and Judy be raised to $300 dollars. Amendment carries. In addition to the $300, we will also provide them with $75 for a security deposit. This amendment carries. Original motion carries.


Sectional for Oct. They have only one weekend available the 19-21 of Dec.


We will re-meet on the 14th of April just before unit game at 6 pm. to continue the April board meeting.


Meeting cont.


Mentoring Mich not present for an update.


Sectional Trophies were not passed out at the tournament . Two are available, one for the 99 and under winner and the second for the 199 and under winner. For the next sectional, trophies for one special limited game may be provided at the event. We will be looking into engaging local high schools about availability. This location should be in place by the end of this month.


There should be a directory available for the June 8th membership appreciation game. Will will direct the game. Nominations are also needed for the board .


May membership game We should do a board a match type game.


ACBL Board of Directors meeting Will monitoring for cheaters. In addition all electronics will be disallowed at nationally rated events. Total membership for the ACBL is 158000.


Once minutes have been approved they should be posted on the web site. Motion seconded. Motion carries.