Board Meeting for unit 507 for May 2009


Attending – Will Watson, Erin Gove, John Prior, Eileen Kotecki, Ray Yuenger, Jeff Hack, Mich Ravera, Stu  Goodgold  Shirley Foreman


Sec. report: - Accepted as amended.

Tres.  Report – Closing balance $12,234.59.  approved.


District News – The next meeting will be held the Sat. after Memorial Day at 10:00 am. There will be district wide election for 1st and 2nd alternates for the position of district rep. Nominations must be sent in to Memphis by the end of the month. Elections will be held in Sept.  At the coming meeting members will go over changes to the district bylaws.


Sectional – The sectional was highly successful with a huge turnout. The food was complimented and the events were praised by players. Do to the high turnout there was a parking issue. All the players did find parking eventually. We were not allowed to use the hallway on Sunday and this led to crowding in the events. Additionally, we are scheduled for use of the temple in the fall and are working to secure the venue for the spring. The fall sectional will occur on the Oct 23 – 25.


Membership game – Ray will search various restaurants to meet our $17 price. We will hold the game at the Orchard City Room. Will may be able to direct the game.


Unit game - A normal pairs game will be the format. This will be held on May the 11th.

Membership game and appreciation dinner– July 12th will probably be the date. Ray will speak with the “Sonoma Chicken Coop” as a possible location for the dinner. “Left at Albuquerque” could be an alternate site. 


Elections - People up for re-election are: Erin, John, Mick, Joel, Will and Ray. John and Joel are not planning on running again.

Unit Games – May unit game is May 11th. Next unit game is June 8. Should this be a bracketed round robin? It will need to be publicized well. A motion was made and seconded that the June 8th unit game be a bracketed round-robin. The motion passed unanimously. 

Unit Benefit and Purchase of Bridge Pads – Some members have suggested that instead of a unit wide dinner, the Unit should consider the purchase of Bridge Pads. A 18 Bridge Pad set costs $2400; three sets would be needed. Bridge Pads begin to be helpful when the game reaches 16+ tables. Some players don’t like to use them. A cost analysis is needed.  Ray will follow up at the next Club Owner’s meeting later in May. 

District 21 disciplinary officer – Stu reports that Ray Yuenger was appointed to be District 21’s disciplinary officer.  In one of his first actions, Ray successfully resolved a disciplinary action that had been pending for three years!!                                                  The meeting was then adjourned.