Board Meeting for unit 507 for March 2010

Attending: Ray Yuenger, Erin Gove, Eileen Kotecki, Lynn Bartz, Judy Clark, Will Watson, Stu Goodgold, Jeff Hack, Shirley Foreman, Lyle Supp

Sec report - Approved as read.

Treasurer's report - 11,678.68 total balance.

ACBL district News - The election for new officers was held. The new president will be Bill Corliss with Katherine Ewing winning the position as vice president. The regional tournaments will start at 7:30 pm at least until January. Diane Shannon won a good will award. She showed her appreciation to the district and the unit for her award. Junior members will now have to pay $1 more for tournament fees. Many members felt the fees should be lowered for young members. Yearly dues will go up to $37. The head quarters will be in Mississippi near the previous Memphis location. They voted $1000 be donated to Haiti.

Chair committee - The chair committee found three chairs that may serve. There was interest in the chairs used at the last regional. Jeff will order a couple of those as a trial. A decision will be made at the next meeting.

Plaques for the Grand Life masters - Plaques have been made and will be hung honoring the Grand Life Masters.

Sectional - April 9-11. This tournament will be stratified by pair average in all events. Nancy Boyd will be directing this sectional. In addition to the 75 tables needed for this event, volunteers to bring food. Motion made that the caddy fee be raised to $30 a session. Motion carries.

Unit game - Unit game will be held April 12. This will be a team game.

Membership game - We can use the Roosevelt room for the open game and the club for the limited game. We will try for July 10 or 11. There is also a spot available in Campbell, at Union and Campbell Ave. at the community center. Dinner may be provided by Armadillo Willy's.

The Association of Club owners will meet soon and will discuss maintenance issues at the club.