Board Meeting for unit 507 for March 2009


Attending Will Watson, Erin Gove, John Prior, Eileen Kotecki, Ray Yuenger, Dan Oneal, Shirley Foreman, Jeff Hack, Lyle Supp, Stu Goodgold


Sec. report: Accepted as amended.


Tres. Report Closing balance $7484.92


District News -

Marion Roberts was elected as president of the western conference. Bruce Blakeley was elected as representative to the national board. The district had a net gain last year of $58,000.


Old Business We will make boards up for Saturday games of the sectional. We can send an email around advertising our sectional. We may also post a flyer about our sectional in the Palo Alto unit playing venue. The cadies are hired and all pre arrangements have been made. Calvin will be dropping off the tables Thursday evening.


Mentor program We need a page on the web site with a link so people may sign up.


Life Masters We could take some board space to advertise the new life masters with photos and biographies.


Motion made that all members of the unit who pass away receive a sympathy card from the unit. Motion carries.


Wendy would like us to hold a limited strat section at the unit games. We will ask her to come and answer questions at the next unit meeting. Eight is enough will be the theme for the next unit game in April.


Respectfully submitted,