Santa Clara Valley ACBL Unit 507 Board Meeting for July 4, 2013

Attending: Ray Yuenger, Stu Goodgold, Mary Steele, Karen O'Connell, Karen Kulander, Doug Hong, Mich Ravera, Mischel Postas, Rick Jasper

Ray called meeting to order at 6:08 PM.

Secretary Report: Previous meeting's minutes reviewed and approved.

Financial Report: Report was reviewed and accepted. The unit's bank account ($13,908) is doing well due to the sectional ($13,442 income less $9,153 cost = $4,289 profit), but the unit is still loosing money due to the unit games. There was some discussion whether we wanted to run the unit games in the same manner as we've been doing. It was noted that at the last board meeting, we had decided to try to “show restraint” with the unit games food and supplies expense.

District 21 Report:

Committee Reports

Old Business

There was some confusion whether or not Jeff Hack had been appointed to the unit board last board meeting and a motion was seconded and passed that affirmed that yes, Jeff was reinstated last month and is on the board.

Membership Game on July 7, 2013. Will Watson will direct. Mary had a poster made up and a sign-up sheet that she posted on the club's bulletin board, but there was a question about starting times. The problem is that we need to be completely out of the room by 11 PM and last year there was not enough people helping to accomplish that deadline. It was decided to set up at 4 PM, have the dinner start at 5 PM (if not before) and have the game start at “approximately” 6 PM (probably sooner so that we get out on time).

Somebody brought up the need for flyers to be produced for the October tournament, the sooner the better.

Judy Clark's board position ends at the end of June, 2013 and she will not be serving another term. Rick Jasper has volunteered for the opening, which will be voted on during the Unit Membership game on July 7, 2013.

Judy has resorted to deducting the expense for building supplies (e.g. toilet paper for the restrooms) from the building's rent.

New Business

A motion to approve a new Thursday evening bridge game at the Villages at 6 PM was approved.

Ray mentioned the progress that Ken Imboden has made with the web site, which is still hosted by Morris (Mojo) Jones for free. Ken has retyped most of the site's web pages with Avanquest's WebEasy web site design software on a test web site hosted by Go Daddy, but the question remains who will maintain the site? Rick Jasper volunteered to assist as needed.

Lynn Yokel brought up the fact that the directors have agreed to not take any money for their work on the upcoming “Longest Day” event on Friday, June 21, 2013. Since the directors that day will be running the games pro bono, they would like to not have to pay rent for that day, otherwise they would be paying out of their own pockets. There was a motion made to split the rent, but that

motion was quickly rejected and replaced with a motion that the unit would pay 100% of the rent. The 100% motion unanimously passed.

Next Meeting will be Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 6 PM despite its proximity to the Fourth of July holiday.

Ray adjourned meeting, but not before a hearty “Happy Birthday” was sung to commemorate his birthday.