Board Meeting for unit 507 for June 2009


Attending – Will Watson, Erin Gove, John Prior, Eileen Kotecki, Ray Yuenger, Mich Ravera, Stu  Goodgold, Eileen Kopecki, Lyle Supp 


Sec. report: - Accepted as printed.


Tres.  Report – We should be getting reimbursement from the ACBL  for the Grand National Teams. Ray will look into this payment. Closing balance $12,254.04.  the motion is approved as amended.


District News – The location of regional tournaments as well as the by-laws were the subjects of the May meeting. Lake Tahoe was listed as a possible choice for May with the Sacramento regional moving to the President’s day date. Any two-session open, A/X strati-flighted, or bracket one knockout two session event will allow mid chart conventions.


Elections: Joel and John will not be running. No replacements. Ray asked that we talk to people to see if we can get a few to volunteer to run. If we cannot get anyone to run, he may have to appoint replacements.


Unit game June 8th: Sanctions for the game were sent to Mich.


Membership game will be held July 12th: The member dinner will be held first at the Chicken Coop in Campbell. The cost will be about $17/person which will be covered by the unit for all unit members. We discussed if we should charge for it. We decided not to.


Purchase of Bridge Pads - Ray wanted to get more information, e.g.Were the directors interested in getting them? Would they use them if we had them? There was no broad consensus to get them. The cost would be about $2400 for a set of 18. This issue was tabled until the September meeting.


New Directory: We will finish a new directory for Christmas. We will call it the 2010 Directory.


Schedule for Fall Sectional – We discussed adding “new” events. ACBL supports strats based on the average of the pairs as well as the max of the pairs MP’s. Ray asked Mich and Will to “re-do” several of the past games to see what the strats would have looked like, and make recommendations.


Other Business: none