Minutes for July 8 meeting of Unit 507 Board

          Attending – Ray Yuenger, Mich Ravera, John Prior, Dan O’Neal, Stu Goodgold, Jeff Hack, Lyle Supp, Shirley Foreman, Will Watson, Lynn Bartz, Judy Clark, Mischel Postas.

          In the absence of Erin Gove, Mischel Postas will take notes.

          Minutes - of June 3 meeting read and approved as corrected.

          Financial report – read and approved.  Closing balance of $12,336.19.  Will calculated that we are owed for 42 tables for the GNT event at the last sectional.

          Election of officers – Motion made and approved for Ray to continue as president, Mich as vice-president, Erin Gove as secretary, and for Lynn Bartz to replace John Prior as treasurer. 

          Plans are made for John, Lynn, and Ray to meet at our bank on Tuesday morning so Lynn and Ray can become signatories on the checking account, while John is removed.

          John is thanked for his service as treasurer.

          In view of three potential appointees to two open board positions, Dan O’Neal resigns his board position.  He retains his office as Conduct and Ethics Chair.  A motion is made and approved to appoint Lynn Bartz, Mischel Postas, and Judy Clark to the board, with Judy to fill Dan’s remaining one-year term. 

          Stu reports that Franchise Tax Board has approved group exemptions for District 21 so local units need not fill out separate tax forms.

          Regarding old business, no new developments on potential purchase of bridge pads.  The topic may arise at the next directors’ meeting.  We will provide a caddy for the membership game July 12.  Judy Clark is interested in becoming the coordinator or chair of the mentor program.

          Regarding new business, a motion is made and approved to allow the directors of the Monday night game to conduct a unit game on July 13.  A sanction has already been obtained. 

          The board chooses to receive individual ballots for an upcoming election for the 2nd alternate District 21 representative to the ACBL’s national board of directors.  The election will take place beginning August 15.  Jeff speaks on behalf of Faye Parsons.  Judy speak on behalf of Gabrielle Bowling. 

          NAP unit final is scheduled for October 4. 

          Ray mentions that the Masonic Temple will not be able to provide the usual amount of space on April 11, 2010, but the District will not allow us to reschedule our sectional near that date.  There is a discussion that we should make do with the dates we have.

          With no further business, the meeting is adjourned.  The next meeting is scheduled for August 5.

          Respectfully submitted by Ray