Board Meeting for unit 507 for Jan. 2010

Attending: Ray Yuenger, Erin Gove, Eileen Kotecki, Lynn Bartz, Judy Clark, Will Watson, Stu Goodgold, Jeff Hack, Mischel Postas, Shirley Foreman

Treasurer’s report - 12,623.36 total balance

ACBL district News - Informal breakfast meeting at Monterey. A discussion ensued regarding points given for internet play and a type of special games in the east that are giving triple points. Internet points are currently getting clear points. The triple point awards affect Ace of Club awards and the online points affect Mini Mckenney results. No conclusions were reached to take action. It was discussed whether the league should move the evening start time back to 7:00 pm at the next regional. The members voted to keep it at 7:30 start time. Jeff will bring up the topic at the next meeting when he will suggest that more units want to move the start time to 7:00 so it should be changed for the Santa Clara regional. Our attendance is growing in the district so when we get to 9000 members, we will be permitted five regionals. Our unit has 678 active members.

Membership and holiday games - A motion is made that we book the Orchard room for the membership game and the holiday party. It is further amended to state that the holiday party will be held the Sunday of STAC week if the Orchard room is available. Motion carries.

Committee Reports - There has been excellent feedback regarding the new directories. We now have new "one club" and "pass" cards which were purchased as a gift for the unit. The chair committee is continuing to evaluate different styles of chairs for the club. The mentor program is continuing to serve the membership.

Unit game - This will be a pairs game. A director needs to be recruited. The March game will honor the Mini Mckenney and Ace of Club winners. The medallions for the Mini Mckenney winners should be ordered

Lessons at the club - Wendy is interested in hosting a Saturday set of sessions. It is moved that we pay ¼ of the advertising costs for these lessons. Motion passes.

Sectional - We need a flyer to be posted to the district 21 web site. Moved that we use the same schedule and format as the last sectional. Motion approved. Nancy Boyd will be the lead director. Proposal made to add a team event to our Sat sectional. It could be flighted by the same strats as the pairs games. This event would be bracketed or flighted round robin play. It was suggested that it be flight A/X and BCD. A motion was made and passed to table this proposal. We have a sanction for the Sectional April 9-11.