Jan. 2009 meeting of the unit 507 Board


Attending Will Watson, Erin Gove John Prior, Eileen Kotecki, Ray Yuenger, Dan Oneal, Shirley Foreman, Jeff Hack, Lyle Supp, Joel Koransky, Mich Ravera


Sec Report - Minutes approved as amended.


Tres. Report Closing balance $8,057.57 approved as read.


ACBL - There was some discussion regarding online play. Some questioned whether players should receive sectional points for online play. Some also wondered if there is cheating during online play. There are definite advantages, however, to playing online. Disabled people and shut-ins can participate. Young people might be more interested in playing, for example.


Old business Ray shows the board the new unit boards and carrying case. Ray will add information to his column regarding how to join Face Book and then join the unit 507 group on Face Book. We should let the members know that if they want to have updated information in the unit directory they should contact the ACBL and give them the information. Mich will then get the information from that source.


Sectionals We will have our spring sectional April 3-5 at the Masonic Temple. Ray brought in a sample flyer. We should have the limited pairs as a stratified event under 200. Friday night we will have a strati-flighted event with a separate AX section. We will be hosting GNT events at this sectional. Shirley has the insurance set. We will need fewer caddies if we will have bridge pads. Motion that we have pre-dealt boards to the greatest extent possible. We will need around 16 sets of boards. Motion made to table this question. Motion to table carries.


Unit game Feb. 9th Regional tune up will serve as a theme. This will be a Swiss team event.


New business - We should implement a suggestion box so the membership can express their views easily.


Grand Life Masters We will place a photo on the wall of each Grand Life master in the unit who plays at the club.


Conventions - Motion made that mid-chart conventions be permitted at unit events. Motion tabled.


Next Meeting Feb 4th