Santa Clara Valley ACBL Unit 507

Feb 2009 Meeting Notes


Attending: Will Watson, John Prior, Eileen Kotecki, Ray Yuenger, Dan O’Neal, Shirley Foreman, Jeff Hack, Lyle Supp, Stu Goodgold, Wendy Dewell


Meeting called to order by Ray Y. Minutes approved as corrected. Since Erin was not in attendance, Lyle Supp volunteered to take the meeting notes.


Treasurer’s Report: John P—beginning balance was $8057.57; closing balance is $8391.20. It was also reported that we have ~$700 still on deposit at the Masonic Temple for the Sectional. Treasures report was approved as read.


EZ Bridge Update: Wendy D—Good news! The attendance for week 1 was 40, for week 2 45, for week 3 40. Week 4 is still free. The expectation is that there will be a 50% fall-out on week 5 (Feb 23ed). To net out to 20 people is good, any higher is “wonderful”. She received calls about bridge/SJBC in general and referred them to other classes or games and to the SJBC website. She thanked the Unit for our 25% contribution to her advertizing ($222).


Ethics: Dan O’N—No issues or problems.


Committee reports: none.


District Report: Jeff/Stu/Ray—

a.       Parking at the San Mateo Regional will be available for $8/day

b.       Special elections to fill the second alternate director will take place at Regional.

c.       There will be a Board Meeting at the Regional.

d.       Jeff H commented that we should look at the wording about “Mid-Chart Conventions” that appears in the flyer for the Regional and that we should use it in our Sectional flyer.


Old Business

  1. Sectional

                           i.      We will use Bridge Pad’s

                          ii.      There was a discussion on moving the Dealing Machine to the Masonic Temple to duplicate the boards. We will play it by ear. If we need to do this it will be decided later.

                        iii.      Wayne Stewart to talk at the Sectional between sessions on Saturday.

                        iv.      Motion: for the Friday evening game, it should be a strata-flighted pair’s event. This motion was approved.

  1. Conventions

                           i.      It was decided that Mitch’s Mid-Charts Motion from last month would still “tabled”.


New Business

  1. Unit game March 9th

                           i.      This will be a pairs game

                          ii.      Top person will win a free play

                        iii.      Mini-McKinney and Ace of Clubs awards will be given out.

                        iv.      Eileen to order the medallions from the ACBL.

  1. Mentor Program

                           i.      It was commented that our unit should do this. The Palo Alto Units model should be looked at.

  1. Suggestion Box

                           i.      We are looking for a suggestion box. If anyone finds one that looks suitable, please talk to Ray.


Meeting was closed at 6:30PM.