Board Meeting for unit 507 for December 2009

Attending: Ray Yuenger, Erin Gove, Eileen Kotecki, Lynn Bartz, Judy Clark, Will Watson, Stu Goodgold, Jeff Hack, Mischel Postas, Mich Ravera

Treasurer's report - 12,279.12 total balance

ACBL district News - The district's membership is up 1.8 % since last October. New members, as a group, are up 11 %.

Regionals - Last year regionals hosted 177,000 tables total. We had 1000 more tables in our region over the national average. There were six fewer STACs, but there were slightly more club games. There are currently over 400,000 sanctioned tables on line. They will make dues two dollars more for all members to help pay for the move of the national ACBL offices. Marion Robertson has been elected 1st alternate to the board of governors, and Pat Thomas the 2nd alternate.

Committee report - Proposal made to add a team event to our Sat sectional. It could be flighted by the same strats as the pairs games. This event would be bracketed or flighted Round Robin play. It was suggested that it be flight A/X and BCD. A motion was made and passed to table this proposal. We have a sanction for the Sectional April 9-11.

Chair committee - The committee has not met regarding the purchase of new chairs for the unit.

Holiday Party - Directories will be ready. People should come early to help set up and to bring food for the potluck. Turkeys will be provided. There will be a large turnout based on pre-game signups.

Yahoo group - There are 127 members.

Unit Game for January - The unit will host a team game. January 11, right after the regional. Mich will direct a round-robin team event.

Directories will go to the printer on the 9th. The paper will be an improvement

New unit partner in Milpitas - We will hold off on any unit games there until the games there are more established.

It is suggested that we buy pass cards and 1-club cards. Motion made that the unit purchase 80 one club cards and 500 pass cards as a holiday gift for the unit. Motion carries unanimously.