December 2008 meeting of the unit 507 Board


Attending – Will Watson, Erin Gove John Prior, Eileen Kotecki, John Prior, Ray Yuenger, Dan Oneal, Shirley Foreman, Jeff Hack, Lyle Supp, Joel Koransky


Sec Report - Minutes approved as read.


Tres. Report – Closing balance $7,471.38 approved as read.


Ethics – no issues


District level – Next meeting in February. Time and place TBA.


Holiday Party – The holiday party will be held on Dec 14th at 5:00 pm. This game will be a stac game.  Chairs and tables are available and a sign up sheet is located on the wall at the club where players may sign up to bring food. We need help with set up and tear down after the event.


Grand Life Masters – We will place a photo on the wall of each Grand Life master in the unit.


Directory – Mich will do a reprint on the directory to pass out at the holiday party.


New Business:


New Life Masters –Eileen may order new plaques for the Life Master board at any time.


New boards – The plastic boards are available for about $100 and the carrying case will be another $50. Motion made to purchase these new boards and carrying case.  Motion carries.


Unit game – Jan 12th. - Inaugural Pairs will be the theme for this month’s unit game.


Karen’s provisional Unit 507 Face Book Page needs a sanction from the unit. This page will give unit bridge news to unit members. Mich moves that we sanction this page and continue with Karen as the administrator. Jeff moves to table. Tabling motion carries.


Conventions - Motion made that mid-chart conventions be permitted at unit events. Motion tabled.


Next Meeting – 14th of January