Meeting of unit 507 for March 2008


Attending – Joel Koransky, Mich Ravera, Jeff Hack, John Prior, Ray Yuenger, Dan O’Neal, Dan Turkus, Erin Gove, Will Watson, Stu Goodgold,


Sec. Report – Approved as read.


Tres. Report – closing balance $8,841.47. The unit game earned $94.70, which was shared with the Monday night game. The Masonic Temple has new representative with whom we will be negotiating future rental fees. Approved as read.


Ethics – no new issues


ACBL - The district units showed profits of $31000 total for both the district and units themselves. The San Francisco national tournament was hugely profitable. We will be back at the Marriot next year in Burlingame for the February regional. The August stac event will add pairs games as an option. Stu was elected president of the district. At the August All Western tournament the team games on sat have been reinstated. Our unit’s advertisement was included in the Bridge Bulletin, advertising our sectional.


New Business - Frank Kitchner presented his proposal regarding support for a new project, a community television program He is proposing a cable community access program that deals with bridge related topics. There is an opportunity to have a show on channel 15 with $150 fee for the year. There are production costs as well. He will return in May with more information.


We should have a charity game and send a photo to the Mercury news to publish winners.


Monday night unit game – There will be awards for Ace of Clubs and Mini Mckenney and medallions for first place Mini Mckenney winners for 2006 and 2007. We are going to cover the entire cost of the game. If there is any profit we will share it with the Monday night owners, if a loss, they will not be responsible.

The next unit game will be at 7:00 pm.  It will be called the first 7:00 unit game.


Sectional setup. – 28 – 30 of March is scheduled for the tournament. Preparations are underway.