Board meeting for unit 507 Aug 2009


Attending: Mischel Postas, Ray Yuenger, Jeff Hack, Erin Gove Eileen Kotecki, Lynn Bartz, Shirley Foreman, Judy Clark, Lyle Supp, Will Watson


Sec Report – approved as read.


Tres Report – A new account was opened for the new treasurer.  The old account will remain open, as well, until all receipts come in. Current account balance: 9662.69. Approved as read.


Membership game wrap up – Board members were kept from setting up tables until  after the dinner began. Because of the late start up, the game began later than usual  and the game tear down ran after ten oclock.  The half hour delay triggered an overtime payment to the maintenance staff that are paid time and half  for clean up duties after ten. 


Wendy Dewell presents a proposition – Wendy will be offering a beginning bridge class during the day. She would like 25% of the advertising costs limited to no more than $250.  The class will begin Sept 8th and run Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month of September. The class will run for a month and will cost $39 and includes a $12 book. One dollar per person per class will go for the room rent assoc.   Motion made to accept Wendy’s proposal for the board funding 25% of her advertising costs to a maximum of $250.  Motion carries.


ACBL News – The next district meeting is scheduled for 10:00 am September 6th.  The district meeting will discuss “by laws” changing. There has been discussion of limiting the presidency to two years. This topic may also be raised.


Fall sectional – There is some interest in changing the pairs games at our sectional to a system where the directors take an average of the two players’ master points  to determine the strat of the pair.  A motion is made that we maintain the exact same schedule as 2008 with the addition of a new game Friday afternoon where the stratifications will be done by an average of the two players. Motion passes.


Mentoring program – Two new mentees have signed up. Any players that wish to mentor or be a mentee should contact Judy Clark.


Unit offices need to be reported to the ACBL


Unit game –The Sept  unit game should be a pairs game with an averaging of the master points of the two players to determine strats.  There will also be a separate section for 199ers at this event.


New business - There is a need for greater cleanliness at our club. It was suggested that we clean the carpets and the chairs. In addition, we should add a hand sanitizer in a permanent container attached to the wall.