Board minutes for unit 507


Attending: Shirley Foreman, Mich Ravera, Stu Goodgold, Jeff Hack, John Prior, Will Watson, Joel Koransky, Erin Gove, Dan Oneal, Ray Yuenger


Sec Report – Accepted as read with corrections.


Bill Macintosh comes to speak to the unit board regarding his running for district 21 rep to the national ACBL. He shared his qualifications for the position and his ideas about how to improve the ACBL.


Tres report – Closing balance 6172.63. Revised to 6047.63. Showing the $125 gift for Dan Turkus. The amended tres. report accepted.


Ethics – no new issues.


ACBL – The next meeting will be held at 10:00 Sunday Aug 31st at the regional. The units should not file yet for tax exemption status. Starting 2010 players with no master points will need 500 master points to achieve life master. Platinum pairs event will only be open to players that have earned 50 platinum points in the last three years.  They voted that the national board of governors would control all events played at nationals.


Tom Quinlan comes to speak about his running for the district 21 rep. to the national ACBL.  He outlines his desire to contribute to bridge on a national level after his 40 some years as a tournament director.


Fall Sectional – There is no access to the kitchen for refrigeration. The unit owns coffee pots. We will possibly need to bring food each day due to lack of refrigeration. We already have a sanction number for the spring sectional.


Dealing machine –the unit is willing to contribute up to 500 dollars to make up any difference in the money already raised by unit members to purchase a dealing machine but will only authorize Ray and no other to act on our behalf in purchasing the machine. Motion carries. Mich asks for an individual call for the vote. Shirley, Mich, John, Erin, Ray, Will, Joel, and Dan vote in favor, Jeff and Stu opposed.


Adjourn until Monday at 6:00


Attending Monday: Lyle Supp, Eileen Kotecki, John Prior,  Will Watson, Erin Gove, Ray Yuenger


Life Master Board – Needs to be updated. Will has the updated list of new members. Eileen and Lyle will be handling the update of the board with the new names to be added. Moved to update the board. Motion carries. Moved that the unit board will keep the life master board updated as a standard practice. Motion carries.


Next Unit Game – Eight is Enough Game.  All members are invited to attend this team event unit game. Motion made to approve the conditions of contest. Motion carries.


NAP Unit Final – Motion made that we have the Nap qualifier on Oct 19 at 11 and 3:30 as long as this date may be sanctioned. Otherwise the 5th will be secured. Motion carries.


We need to provide personnel to man the hospitality and partnership desks for the entire All Western Regional.


Ray will ask Fran when she is available to come to a unit game honoring her.


Chart Conventions - To be discussed next meeting. Mich will bring a presentation next month regarding the distinctions on the various charts.