Board Meeting for unit 507 for April 2009


Attending – Will Watson, Erin Gove,  John Prior, Eileen Kotecki, Ray Yuenger, Dan Oneal, Jeff Hack, Lyle Supp, Mich Ravera, Stu  Goodgold


Sec. report: - Accepted as amended.


Tres.  Report – Closing balance $6,863.79. approved.


Unit Games - Wendy suggests that we have a separate section at unit games for 199er  players beginning in August or September. A discussion ensues as to the ease of setting up two sections. It may be difficult for the director not to know if two sections will occur. Different conditions of contest as well as different rates of play in the two sections would also make the event harder on the director Motion made that we promote a separate section for a limited game.


District News -  Stu deliveres the new QUIP report. Unit 507 needs to promote finding new members.


Member numbers:


ACBL 158,299

D21 8,200

U 507 684


Sectional – Members and board members are needed to help setup the event. Please arrive by noon to help for the 2:00 pm start time.


Unit game – eight is enough will be the theme. Ray will promote the unit game at the sectional team Sunday events. May 11th will be the next unit game. This will be a pairs game.


Membership game and appreciation dinner– July 12th will probably be the date. Ray will speak with the Sonoma Chicken coop as a possible location for the dinner.


Motion made that mid-chart conventions should be allowed at unit games. Motion tabled.