Board Meeting for unit 507 for April 2010

Attending: Ray Yuenger, Erin Gove, Eileen Kotecki, Lynn Bartz, Judy Clark, Will Watson, Stu Goodgold, Jeff Hack, Shirley Foreman, Lyle Supp, Mischel Postas, Mich Ravera

Sec report - Approved as read.

Treasurer's report - 10,781.77 total balance.

Chair committee - Motion made that at the next meeting we will have the pew chair to compare with the chair possibilities that are already at the club and Judy Fisher will be asked to attend. Motion passes.

Sectional - April 9-11. Several board members agreed to come early to help with set up. Mich will duplicate boards for the games. We will have three caddies for the event.

Unit game - May 10th the club will host the unit game. This will be a pairs game. Moved that the May unit game will honor the grand life masters and will also serve to present a plaque honoring these masters be presented to the unit. Motion carries.

Next sectional - Motion made the fall sectional be called the "Santa Clara Valley Fall Back Sectional." Motion carries.

Advertisements for the Newsletter - Motion made that we have advertisements in the newsletter. Motion is tabled.

Membership game - July 10 Saturday will serve as the date for the game and dinner. Mischel will call the Chicken Coop to make arrangements.

Cleanliness - Lynn will call cleaning companies and obtain a quote for steam cleaning the green chairs.