The Unit 507 Mentor Program


††††††††† Unit 507 is establishing a Mentor Program so our members can learn from each other how to improve their bridge skills. Judy Clark is ready to serve as your coordinator.She sees this as a dynamic and on-going activity.If your question isnít answered below, answer #8 gives her contact information.The more you put into this opportunity, the more youíll get out of it.


1)Do I qualify as a Mentee or Mentor?YES.You can be both.There is no upper masterpoint limit on Mentees if you want to learn from someone more experienced.However, you must be a member of Unit 507.


2)Do I have to play with whoever is assigned to me?NO.The coordinator will not necessarily know your history with every other player, so you will be offered more than one option based on your feedback to her.


3)What is my commitment as a Mentor?You are expected to play FOUR times with the same Mentee, at least once a month.The commitment may be extended by mutual agreement.


4)Is that all?NO, the Mentor should provide some instruction and guidance to the Mentee.During your first game, listen to what they would like to learn, but also evaluate what they most need to learn, and tell them about it, either during the game (without holding up the game!), for a short period after the game at the club, or by telephone or email by mutual agreement.A Mentor should not make every hand a lesson.Sometimes a few lessons learned well are more helpful than too much information.You are preparing the Mentee to play with other people, so avoid teaching exotic or home-grown conventions and systems.Focus on common conventions, and point out their advantages and disadvantages.


5)What is my commitment as a Mentee?You are expected to pay the table fees of your Mentor and not treat them as a full-time employee.


6)What if our personalities clash?It is understood that reasonable people acting in good faith can disagree.Playing one game is all that is required, but the coordinator should be notified promptly that each of you needs a different partner.The coordinator will keep your thoughts and feelings confidential.


7)What happens when the partnership ends?Notify the coordinator whether or not you are still available for the program.  Any feedback given by either party is strictly confidential.


8)How do I sign up?Contact Judy Clark by email by clicking on her name, or call her (408)796-8281, give her your contact information, and explain your interest in this program.