Debbie Rosenberg is an ACBL Grandmaster, and a 3-time world champion (once in Juniors, twice in women's). She has several NABC wins, and a victory in the Cavendish teams. With JoAnna Stansby, Debbie won the International Bridge Press Association's award for best bid hand of the year twice, in both 2006 and 2010. Bidding awards notwithstanding, Debbie especially loves teaching play of the hand. Her most interesting teaching experience was a trip to Pakistan to help coach their National team. Debbie and her family moved to the Bay Area from New York, where Debbie had 25 years experience teaching bridge players of all levels. Her former students miss her, and offer high praise for her teaching abilities. Debbie's family includes husband Michael Rosenberg, one of the world's top bridge players, and son Kevin, who enjoys bridge. If interested, check out pages 15, 18, 29, and 62-63 of the February 2012 ACBL Bulletin for mentions of Debbie, as well as photos.