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ACBL, Unit 507 -- Santa Clara Valley California
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Club News
We are offering two sectionals in February and April, a 499er sectional on February 27 and 28 at the San Jose Bridge Center and an open sectional on April 8 through 10 at West Valley College. Click here for the schedule of the limited section. Click here for the schedule of the open sectional.

Unit Games:
Monthly unit games are on hiatus while the Unit Board decides whether to reschedule them.

Special games
Thurs. eve. Feb. 4 28-Beer card night. First person (declarer or defender) to win the 13th trick with the 7 of diamonds when diamonds aren't trump will earn a beer, not from your partner, but from the director, if the director determines that you scored the beer card without jeopardizing another trick to do so. Ask Lynn Yokel if you need clarification. Rosemary beer bread will be available for everyone.

Seeking Partners
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If you'd like to play or learn duplicate bridge in the Silicon Valley, you've come to the right place. We are Unit 507, part of District 21, which is part of the American Contract Bridge League. We offer at least two duplicate bridge games most every day, for beginners and experts alike. In 2013, the San Jose Bridge Center placed 42nd for most tables out of all bridge clubs in the United States and 1st in Northern California.

If you don't find what you need at this website, call the San Jose Bridge Center at 408-871-1232. Click here to see the seat we're saving for you at the new San Jose Bridge Center at 1300 White Oaks Road in Campbell, within 3 miles of the previous location. Click on the address to see a map.

Unit 507 has a Board of Directors that meets at 6:00 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month at the San Jose Bridge Center.
San Jose Bridge Center Game Schedule
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